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This “S Das clinical surgery PDF” has 660 pages thoroughly revised for the new version consisting of updated 40 chapters on Pediatric, Orthopedics, and Common clinical Surgery Procedures, In addition to improved presentations, 600 illustrations, and additional anatomy and emergency indexes for quick reference. It is helpful for junior surgical trainees, clinical students, nursing, medical assistants, and rehabilitation professionals. It is the finest book by Indian author Dr. S. Das.

Clinically relevant S Das Clinical Surgery

  • It consists of hundreds of full-colored scientific photographs, X-rays, and scans Designed to supplement.  It is useful for all Clinical Medical students.
  • In addition to chapters on different surgical specialties, such as plastic, pediatric, and orthopedic surgery.
  • There are detailed step-by-step descriptions of operative surgical techniques, sensible suggestions and procedures, and records on signs, symptoms, and anomalies.
  • The S Das Clinical Surgery offers the possibility to discover scientific strategies instead of simply anatomy or a few random textbooks.
  • It facilitates the medical students to expand patient-physician interplay and discover the ways to co-relate each scientific data that is gathered.

How many sections are present in S Das clinical surgery PDF?

  • Clinical abilities and investigation
  • Treatments and care of surgery
  • Acute surgical infections and trauma
  • General clinical  surgery
  • Specialist clinical  surgery

About S. Das

Author, Dr. S. Das, possesses a distinguished academic career. He graduated from Calcutta Medical College and Calcutta University. During his undergraduate profession at Calcutta Medical College (CMC), he turned into Good-Eve Scholar. He received a Certificate of Merit in Anatomy, Surgery, Obstetrics, and Gynecology.

After his internship and resident training at Calcutta Medical College, he went to U. K. and acquired widespread schooling in each General Surgery Orthopedics & Traumatology. He has become a Fellow of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons of Edinburgh and London on first tries earlier than his twenty-eighth birthday. Thus he might be the youngest Fellow in India.

General Information

Publisher:    S. Das                                  Topic:    clinical surgery   

Year:            2018                                    Edition:  13th    

Unique features of” S. Das Clinical Surgery PDF”

  • Revised chapters with up-to-date and refreshed material, written in scientific arrangements
  • New and updated chapters with greater statistics present you with the entirety you want.
  • A comprehensive overview of surgical treatment – college students most effectively want to shop for one textbook that Covers trendy troubles which includes wound recovery and the management of chronic pain within side the first phase.
  • The book highlights respect 600 representations, including legacy drawings, radiographs, monochrome and variety prints, and even photos of clinical circumstances.
  • It gives point-by-point sponsorship for roughly every stipend of part of the body, and a segment is devoted to a different conclusion at the disappearance of every section.
  • The book takes you through the chronicles of clinical medical procedures as capably as differential and beast analyzes the determination of a section.

What’s new in the 13th edition of S Das clinical surgery PDF

“S Das clinical sugary” book is mostly used for medical students of MBBS, BDS (3rd, 4th years). The contemporary thirteen versions of the S Das clinical surgery include the up-to-date syllabus in line with the Medical Council of India. The fourteen versions turned into posted in 2018. you can also download the 3rd Year MBBS Books and 4th Year MBBS Books.

Some of the features are as follows

  • A Manual on Clinical Surgery offers you an in-depth rationalization of the whole thing that you’ll be wanting to understand approximately acting scientific surgery.
  • Packed with helping information, that consists of sedation and monochrome prints, radiography, and line drawings – it’s far the most manual for college students who’re going to write down their MBBS examination.
  • It consists of 648 illustrations providing you with a clean knowledge of every frame part.

This is all about the fourteen versions of S Das clinical surgery which makes it ultra-modern and higher than the alternative version. If you’re on your adventure of turning into a scientific practitioner then click on the download option and make your study easier by studying this medical book.

Other Major benefits of “S Das clinical surgery PDF”

Easy to know and properly-illustrated

 Although it presents modern-day statistics and all of the simple standards which might be required, it is likewise very smooth to learn. If you’re a medical student you actually could also be properly aware of the importance of clinical surgery. This book presents a range of power of knowledge in a very scientific and consolidated way.

Thirteen Edition of this book has been up to date with new questions and solutions in all chapters, and the content material has been revised to mirror what’s maximum crucial in today`s assessments. An extensive variety of surgical subjects offer an entire evaluation of the statistics you want to know.

The uniqueness of this book 

This book systematically explains all of the standards of clinical surgery; it explains the different techniques of surgery. It gives point-by-point sponsorship for roughly every stipend of part of the body, and a segment is devoted to a different conclusion at the disappearance of every section.

Cover all the portions of clinical surgery

The book covers the evaluation and guidance of the patient, anesthesia and crucial care, inflammation, wound recovery and infection, and the essential thing additives of preferred surgical exercise.

The text is enhanced behind in the locale of 600 outlines providing you with a specific commitment to each body segment. The book takes you through the chronicles of clinical medical procedures as capably as differential and beast analyzes the determination of different sections.

S. Das Clinical Surgery Thirteenth Edition PDF is one of the excellent ones for surgical residents and medical college students.  Due to this, it is a unique book with maximum new updates.

Book Name:A Manual on Clinical Surgery
PDF Size:201.4 MB
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