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Being a student of Dental sciences, you must understand how integral pathology is for you. If you open the internet, you will see it crowded with several books on pathology. Some of these books are very old and authentic. However, the question remains which book of pathology to refer to in such a great variety? Well, to solve your confusion, we are here with the book descript of Rubin’s Pathology.

Rubin’s Pathology is one of the best books on oral pathology studied in different medical colleges. You can understand its significance because it has been taught as a core textbook to medical students as you must be aware that pathology is part of the syllabus in two ways.

  • Possibility I: Either you have to study it as an annual longer course in the second year of your MBBS. In this case, it covers all the principles and systems.
  • Possibility II: Or there is a possibility that you study it in two fragments. You will be instructed to begin with it by understanding the basic principles when you are in the first year of your MBBS. As you enter the send year, you will study the pathology of the system

So, in either case, you can understand how important human pathology to study is. Therefore, having a good textbook is not just important to pass your exam with good grades. But it is equally important to understand the real concepts for applying them at a practical scale. Are you worried about these factors? Then there is nothing to worry about as long as you have Rubin’s Pathology. Please keep reading as we give some interesting information about Rubin’s pathology

Rubin’s Pathology | Your Complete Guide

As you are well aware of the fact that medical and health sciences are undergoing constant variation. There are newer disease conditions. As a result, scientists are working day and night to combat them. Thanks to the medical doctors cum authors who played an active role in blessing our lives with updated knowledge.

You will be amazed to know that the first edition of Rubin’s Pathology came on April 1, 1988. The authors of this book were Raphael Rubin, David S. Strayer, and Emanuel Rubin. However, if you want to know about the present status of the book, then we are glad to mention that Rubin’s Pathology was updated and revised from time to time. The latest edition of this book came in 2019. It was the eighth edition.

Rubin’s Pathology is the complete guide for you. Because it has an account of all the necessary concepts, which you must know as a medical student. The good thing about this book is that it is very interesting to study. It will keep your attention through the number of good quality images in addition to bright illustrations.

In fact, this book is a kind of a milestone in health sciences training and practice. The experts have covered a lot of diseases and other related phenomena. To be more specific if you choose this book, you will enjoy studying the basic pathological concepts. And side by side you will develop a practical approach to understanding different disease conditions.

Award-Winning Rubin’s Pathology Edition Fifth

Another evidence supporting the excellence of Rubin’s Pathology is the distinction it got in the form of an award. Wonderfully, it won the First Prize in Pathology in 2008’s ceremony of British Medical Association Book Competition Awards. Well, that’s a big achievement to think of.

Rubin’s Pathology is known for its auspicious role in educating the students of health sciences. For this reason, we see different medical doctors doing efforts in revising, rewriting, and editing it. So that it is fit for your use in the present era. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to go for it if you want clarity in your concepts of pathology.

Rubin’s Pathology | Latest Edition


The latest edition of Rubin’s Pathology is available in the markets in the eighth edition. The publication date of this edition is October 22, 2019. The authors cum editors of the book are David S. Strayer, Jeffrey E. Saffitz, and Emanuel Rubin. Thanks to their sincere efforts in producing Rubin’s Pathology. You will see the title ‘Rubin’s Pathology: Mechanisms of Human Disease’. The authors have adopted a very clear and simpler approach to providing you with the essential information on basic pathology.

We assure you, if you study this book with a better understanding then success will be yours. Yes, we mean it because this book has the power to adorn you with the necessary knowledge in an easy way. It will not only help you in understanding the theory but it will also help you in improving your clinical practice.

Revised & Updated Content

Now you can grab your eighth edition of Rubin’s Pathology from any online book store at a reasonable cost. Or you may use your institutional log-ins to enjoy the free book copies. In the general sense the revised edition has covered the following important topics:

  • Brief mechanism of the disease
  • Pathobiology to diagnostic medicine
  • Incorporation of tools into organ system pathology

Key Features

Well, as you student you must be looking for the unique features of the eighth editions of Rubin’s pathology. Or we can say, you may want to find a reason why to prefer this edition over other editions or other books of the pathology. Let us throw some light on this for you. Some of the key features of Rubin’s Pathology includes:

  • The authors have revised the concepts in a simplified manner
  • The approach of the authors ensures a better understanding of the concepts and techniques
  • You will see the revised content. It is the reflection of the best quality contribution from international contributors
  • A systematic approach will give you practical knowledge of the concepts
  • An easier format will make you learn and engage in it in an efficient manner
  • It comes with images exceeding 1700. These are inclusive of the gross pathology images, line drawings, and different types of micrographs

Wrap Up

With this, we come to the end of Rubin’s Pathology description. On the basis of the clinical expertise, we would strongly recommend you to stick with it. You can learn from it in an efficient manner. Also, this book will help you in clinical practice as well. Well, you should feel lucky to have a complete package of pathology with you.

We hope this book description will clear your confusion and provide you with the information you were looking for. In case of any queries or information, you can share your ideas and thoughts with us in through our contact us page. Thank you!

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