Rashmi shrestha

My name is Rashmi Shrestha. I am pursuing my undergraduate studies BSc. Human Biology at Kathmandu University. I have been keen on reading books and writing as well.

I am on the process of developing myself as a good writer and a researcher. I have done different projects and presentation in my undergraduate studies at Kathmandu University. I am aiming to develop the ability to present well to others as well. I am passionate about photography and sketching. I am fond of music and dance as well.

I am writing a novel and its underwriting process. I have participated in a poem competition by WOMS and was able to win it as well. I have participated in many online poem competitions. I have an interest in writing poems and reading poetry books as well. I have interest in reading fictional and non- fictional books as well.

I am an enthusiastic person looking forward to great possibilities. I am looking forward to working as a team member of WOMS. I will be writing the relationship posts and Human biology posts. I hope I will be able to bring out clarity and useful information through the posts. I hope the post will be helpful and informative in some way.

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