Rang and Dale’s Pharmacology

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A brief overview of Rang and Dale’s Pharmacology pdf

A simple way to tackle a complex subject! This best-selling schoolbook reveals both pharmacology and knowledge – using a clear and accessible methodology that encourages and enriches learning materials.

Secondly, the latest research on cannabinoids and rimonabant, Cox 2  inhibitors, pharmacogenetics, biopharmaceutical substances, and drug misuse, and on ‘lifestyle drugs,’ like performance-enhancers, botulinum toxins, and Viagra®, has been converted into the most important groups of medicines from reasonable to Most important to pharmaceutical drugs. And it is an even more powerful learned resource now, online access through STUDENT CONSULT!

Key Features of Rang and Dale’s Pharmacology pdf

  • Logically moves from a biochemical awareness of receptors and medication behavior to the clinical use of major drug classes.
  • Deals with recent advances of cannabinoid and rimonabant, inhibitors of Cox 2, pharmacogenetics, biopharmaceutical drugs, and misuse of drug products.
  • Speaks on the topic “lifestyle drugs” for example efficacy enhancers, botulinum, and Viagra
  • Utilizes amazing color coordinated illustrations to make navigation simple, including the most complicated concepts and color-coded chapters.
  • No extra fee includes STUDENT CONSULT access.

Table of Content

Chapter 1: cholinergic Pharmacology 

Chapter 2: Pharmacology (Noradrenergic) 

Chapter 3: Flammable and anti-inflammatory medicines

Chapter 4:Immune reaction to Drugs

Chapter 5: Drugs to avoid dysrhythmia

Chapter 6: CVS  antihypertensive drugs  

Chapter 7: Heart and Angina infarction

Chapter 8:   Failure  of the heart

Chapter 9: Lipoprotein and atherosclerosis

Chapter 10:  Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Chapter 11:  Methods of Hemopoietic system

Chapter 12: Medicines for asthma and antiasthma

Chapter 13: Kidney

Chapter 14: GIT Medicines

Chapter 15: Diabetes and blood sugar

Chapter 16: The Ameise. Hypophysis & surrender

Chapter 17: Medicines for thyroid and antithyroid

Chapter 18: Rate of growth of the Bones 

Chapter 19: Method of reproduction

Chapter 20: Neurodegenerative Disorders

Chapter 21: Basic  Anesthetic

Chapter 22: Hypnotics and anxiolysis

Chapter 23: Antipsychotics   

Chapter 24: Affective disturbances

Chapter 25: Drugs against anti-epileptic drugs

Chapter 26: Analgesic medications and pain management

Chapter 27: Psychotomimetics and CNS stimulants

Chapter 28: Anesthetics that are locally used 

Chapter 29: Antibacterial medications

Chapter 30: Antiviral Medication

Chapter 31: Drugs to prevent protozoa

Chapter 32: Antifungal agents  

Chapter 33:  anthelmintic Drugs 

Chapter 34: Drugs that can lead to anticancer

Chapter 35: Principle General

Chapter 36: New Drug Deployment

Chapter 37: Medicines absorption and distribution

Chapter 38: metabolism and excretion of drugs

Chapter 39: Pharmaco-kinetics

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