Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing: The Craft of Caring

Maintaining mental health is the basic need of this frustrating era. People suffer a lot from mental health issues. They need a proper person Who can help them to get rid of their stress. This book, Psychiatric health and mental health nursing, focuses mainly on these aspects to training nurses.

This book explains all the important management for different psychiatric issues. In addition, this book enables nurses to treat all suffering patients with mental health illnesses. These all things make this book a worth-reading book related to all mental health issues.

For learning purposes

This book is an advancement in the field of nursing. The latest edition ensures all modifications necessary for nursing students. In addition, it correlates theory, research, policy, and philosophy. Moreover, this book fulfills all the fundamental demands for nursing students relevant to psychiatric and mental health. This book is also helpful for junior nurses to develop proper knowledge and skills related to psychiatric nursing.

About the author

Phil Barker (Ph.D., RN, FRCN)

  • He was an honorary professor at the University of Dundee, Scotland.
  • He was the UK’s first professor of psychiatric nursing practice at the University of Newcastle, UK.
  • He was a physiotherapist too in private clinical practice.
  • Clinical features of Psychiatric health and Mental health nursing:

There are several innovative and advanced features of this newly established clinical practice textbook. This book offers a very comprehensive explanation of Psychiatric health and Mental health nursing. In addition, the main title of this book entails the craft of caring, which is a responsibility for a good nurse to be. Let’s explore these features.

Revised information

This latest edition explores the diversity of the advancing features related to psychiatric nursing. In addition, it emphasizes the mental health treatment for children, adolescents, young or old patients. Moreover, it also covers the management of asylum seeker patients to make things easy for them.

This book also includes additional explanations of specialist care facilities like psychiatric liaisons and supportive mental care.

Clinical explanation

This book not only explains the theoretical information about psychiatric nursing but also covers clinical case presentation. These case studies make the detail easier to understand and engage the attention of the students.

In addition, these clinical studies help the nursing students or junior nurses to provide more confidence regarding clinical experience. In this way, this psychiatric nursing is an advanced feature in clinical practice.

eBook availability

The latest edition of this book offers an eBook that ensures easy accessibility to the details of the textbook. In addition, this ebook feature is helpful for the students to gain access to any electronic media platform. In this way, you can get access to all the important details any time you want.

Changes delivered in the latest (3rd) edition of Psychiatric health and Mental health nursing

There are several innovative features in the latest edition of this book. This book includes all the basic theoretical as well as clinical features to provide a strong clinical foundation. In addition, this book offers complete coverage of all aspects related to psychiatric nursing and mental health issues. Let’s dig into these outstanding features.

  • This book covers all the important aspects related to ethics, therapeutic relationships, and their proper supervision to know outcomes.
  • Combination of art and science, enabling nursing to take a holistic approach to the practice of psychiatric and mental health nursing
  • Explores current developments in the nursing profession and a complete understanding of mental health disorders
  • This book explains the proper patient evaluation with clinical diagnosis, assessment and risk, and prognosis for the disease.
  • This latest edition covers a wide range of diseases like anxiety, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia.
  • This book provides mental health care for any age extent. It includes psychiatric evaluation for children, young, adults, women, or any old age patient.
  • It also explains clinal case study presentations to ensure the examples in the text. Moreover, this feature makes the book reader-friendly and easy to understand.
  • It also highlights the emerging and future trends, health promotions, and physiological advancements.
  • It also provides the main overview at the start of every chapter and induces the thinking level by providing different boxes under the reflection heading.
  • An Ebook is available for the latest edition for the convenience of students.

Other main features of Psychiatric health and Mental health nursing

There are many other characteristic features of this latest edition that will highlight the importance of psychiatric nursing. In addition, these are the basic features available in every edition of this book.

The craft of caring

This book provides every basic aspect that is essential to provide supportive care to the patient. In addition, this book enables the nurses to perform all their duties with great care and responsibility. This book guides the reader beyond the level of medical diagnosis. It emphasizes the need for nurses to extend the treatment offered by other disciplines.

Content details of Psychiatric health and Mental health nursing

This book covers all the important details related to psychiatric nursing and mental health disorders. In addition, this book is not only limited to medical diagnosis but also covers the treatment offered for these diseases.

This book is divided into ten main sections, covering all the important major and minor details. Moreover, this book covers a wide range of mental health clinical settings from acute to chronic psychiatric disorders. It also includes details about forensic settings where the main target is relieving distress and avoiding further deterioration.

It also explains psychiatric nursing at the community level where the primary focus turns to the developmental aspect of mental health care. In this way, it covers psychiatric nursing at every important organizational level.

Book name:Psychiatric health and Mental health nursing
Author:Phil barker
Edited by:Chambers mary
Edition:3rd edition


This book is sufficient enough to provide an extent of knowledge from basic to diversified related to psychiatric nursing. This book is available in pdf and eBook format for easy access to all the textbook details.

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