Park Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine

In this post, we will provide you with an overview of Park’s medicinal Textbook and its download link! Make sure to read through this overview carefully so you know what this book has to offer to you and your future medical career. Let us begin:

Brief Overview of Park textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine 24th edition

To date, this is a good book for the third year set out in the curriculum. The thorough and long book still haunts, but then medical practitioners get used to it.

The book is a publication that needs to be it is known as the most frequently used book in MBBS. The examinations are typically based on epidemiology, disease screening, communicable disease epidemiology, and chronic non-communicable diseases.

The Index begins with 22 chapter parts each. The book is closer to medicinal training and it is a must-read if you are in the fourth year of your studies to build your foundation for medicine. You may however remember that in your previous semesters, you learned much of it. Though some irritations are the epidemiology section, it is easy to mug things quickly.

For 4th year, MBBS students, suggestions for those searching for a medical clinical understanding.

 Here are a few key suggestions you should keep in mind when studying Park Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine:

1. Listen to it all, even though you’re not at ease. It will clarify certain concepts and certain items will remain in your long term memory.


2. Concentrate more on infections, in your 4th year of MBBS, they are coming soon. It is not beneficial to be exact to the original epidemiology chapters.


3. Make it a habit to link everything together and you can discover that the book is nearly everything you know already.


4. Often the questioners may pose odd questions such as the Swine grip. You must also be aware of current trends.


5. If you need assistance, some of the following posts will help you to understand clinical health. They were short, but the standard of a medical student was clarified.

Table of Contents

The free book has over 942 pages. Park’s book has over 22 chapters in total with abbreviations and much more at the end!

Here is the table of contents of Park Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine 24th edition:

Chapter 1: Man and Medicine: Wellbeing for Everyone

Chapter 2: wellbeing and disease principles

Chapter 3: Epidemiological Principles and Approaches

Chapter 4: Disease Screening

Chapter 5: Communicable Disease Epidemiology

Chapter 6: Chronic Non-Transmission Diseases and Disorders Epidemiology

Chapter 7: Indian Health Programs

Chapter 8: Family Planning and Demographics

Chapter 9: Obstetric, pediatric, and geriatric preventive medicine

Chapter 10: Fitness and Diet

Chapter 11: Social Sciences and Medicine

Chapter 12: Health and Climate

Chapter 13: Clean Up Hospital

Chapter 14: Management of Disasters

Chapter 15: Fitness at work

Section 16: Wellbeing and Genetics

Chapter 17: Mental Wellbeing

Chapter 18: Medical Basic Facts and Health Information

Chapter 19: Health Education Correspondence

Chapter 20: Management and Health Planning

Chapter 21: Community Health Care

Chapter 22: International health International

Final words and Download Link!

We hope you found this overview of Park Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine helpful. We wish every student who downloads this, the best of luck in all of their future studies and examinations. Hopefully, you guys can successfully complete this book and pass on the knowledge you have gained through this book.

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Now, without any further delay, here is the download link to Park Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine 24th edition PDF:

Park Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine

Park Textbook of Preventive & Social Medicine [PDF Free Download]

This concludes the post of Park Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine.

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