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In this era of advancement, the medical field has made countless types of research. The knowledge is hard to compile in a single space. Cheers to the award-winning series of Oxford textbooks that work as a helping hand for the medical field. Oxford textbook of palliative medicine pdf has successfully served the medical professionals in practice. This series of textbooks has exceptional value in terms of palliative care and a wide variety of medical profiles have been provided in this book. The best part is that the latest edition contains essential topics that are needed to be discussed.

This new edition of” the Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine” has been entirely refreshed to offer a worldwide outlook in this field and new segments. It covers every new and developing point, and the multi-disciplinary nature of palliative consideration is underscored all through, shielding regions from moral and report issues, the treatment of side effects, and the control of sufferings. The first two hundred pages of the e-book speak about the records and improvement of the cutting-edge hospice movement. While this makes for thrilling reading, it might appear extra suitable in the separate textual content on the sociology or records of medicine.

Title of the book

The title of the book is the Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine. Palliative medicines are ones used by patients in palliative care. Such medicines are used to improve the quality of life of a palliative patient. Mostly all palliative medicines are given via a non-invasive route of administration just to avoid pain and unease. Palliative care is the special treatment that is provided to the patient during the last stages of their lives. We can also say that those patients who are declared untreatable are provided with palliative care. For instance, cancer patients or geriatric patients with co-morbidities.  Such patients are kept under special care during which no one is allowed to visit them. Palliative patients are provided with extra attention for their pain-free life. No invasive treatment is given to them just to avoid their pain. In this way, their end-stage life cycle becomes convenient. Here in this book, detailed knowledge about the procedures of palliative care is described and we will discuss each section one by one.

Clinically relevant

  • This comprehensive textbook covers all of the new and rising topics, up to date and restructured to reproduce the main tendencies with the more and more recognition of palliative remedy as an essential public fitness need.
  • The 6th version consists of new sections devoted to own circle of relatives and support issues, cardio-breathing signs and symptoms and disorders, and genitourinary signs and symptoms and disorders.
  • Moreover, the multi-disciplinary nature of palliative consideration is explained in the course book.
  • There are detailed step-by-step descriptions of palliative medicine and its treatments.
  • It has been carefully up to date to provide an international perspective, highlighting the pleasant present-day evidence-primarily based practices, and collective expertise from greater than two hundred specialists across the world.

Cover page

The cover page of this book is designed with a blue theme. The blue color is considered cool and calm to the eyes. The title of the book is written in bold with bright colors just to make it readable. On one side of the cover, the edition of the book is mentioned along with the editor’s good names. Nathan, Marie, Stein, Russell, and David are the editors of the Palliative medicine series of Oxford textbooks.


Till now, six editions are out on the market. The past five editions worked as a milestone for the field of medicines and the book Oxford textbook of palliative medicine pdf is undoubtedly again going to serve the healthcare field with its latest edition.

What is new in the 6th edition of the Oxford textbook of palliative medicine pdf

Oxford textbook of palliative medicine is a concise and comprehensive package for the readers. You don’t need to move on to the hospitals or clinical setups for practice. A lot of changes have been made in the latest edition.

  • Family care plans along with cardio-pulmonary disorders and urogenital disorders have specifically added to the latest edition
  • Nursing practice and other clinical cases have been added to this edition which makes the series demanding and maintains the profile of the award-winning book.
  • The cases mentioned in the latest edition are compiled from all over the world.
  • Least discussed topics are added to this book in order to make it exceptional from other books on palliative medicines.
  • Hundreds of important topics have been included in this edition like Diagnostic tools, assessment procedures, and the latest regimen have been added to this book.

Each edition is updated in many ways like the inclusion of the latest information and discoveries under this discipline have been added along with the previous research. Pain is related to several pathological conditions like respiratory disorders, gynecological disorders, as well as rare malignancies, which are also mentioned in the latest edition that making it valuable for healthcare providers and paramedics.

How many sections are present in the Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine PDF?

  • Introduction of medicine
  • Diagnosis of disease and treatment through medicines
  • Medicine management
  • Treatment through drugs

About author

“Nathan I. Cherny” is the main author of the book “Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine PDF” which has numerous studies pursuits together with opioid responsiveness of neuropathic ache, opioid rotation, opioid facet consequences, and their control, most cancers ache syndromes, suffering, palliative sedation, and communiqué problems in oncology and palliative care, bioethics, and public health. Nathan has edited 5 books and has posted over a hundred and twenty peer-reviewed papers and has made several invited lectures worldwide.

This 6th model of the “Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine” is committed to the memory of Professor Kenneth Fearon spouse of Professor Marie Fallon and a wellness care organization that has ended up being a worldwide pioneer in the exploration and control of anorexia and cachexia.


The publication of this book Oxford textbook of palliative medicine is done by Oxford university press. This book is specifically added to the curriculum of medical students to keep them updated about palliative medicines in practice. Oxford university press claims the copyrights of this textbook series. Copyrights are reserved by the university itself and not a single statement can be quoted anywhere without the legal permission of the publishers.

General information about this book

  • Title; Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine
  • Category: Medicine
  • Edition: 6th
  • Language: English
  • Author: Nathan I. Cherny
  • Pages: 1408


In the preface, it is mentioned why there is a need of back to back latest editions. What are the current challenges they are facing in the field of medicine, and how caregiving procedures can be improved in order to avoid audacity and humiliation? The authors made an extraordinary effort to come up with such a concise and conceptual regimen for palliative patients on palliative medicine. They described their research in palliative medicines as well.


Content of Oxford textbook of palliative care pdf includes

  • Abbreviations list: It includes various terms and abbreviations used within the text.
  • Contributors list is given
  • Sections are given in subdivisions. A total of 19 sections have been given in the 5th edition of the Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine.
  • In section 1, the worldwide status of palliative care is mentioned along with the policies of palliative care.
  • Section 2 is all about the present challenges in the field of palliative care is mentioned. Mortality rates and morbidity rates are mentioned in chapters.
  • Section 3 is provided under the heading of service delivery procedures in palliative care. The models of palliative care are also mentioned in detail.
  • In section 4, the healthcare team of palliative care discipline is given. It includes medical professionals, paramedics, and social staff.
  • Section 5 deals with the ethical issues related to human rights. Confidentiality is described in detail.
  • Communication skills are mentioned in section 6 and the relationship of healthcare providers with the patient is described.
  • Section 7is about the diagnostic tools for the patients to put on palliative medicines.
  • Section 8 comes up with common symptoms and disorders
  • From sections 9 to 11, pain management, gastrointestinal disorders, and skin disorders are described in detail.
  • From sections 12 to 15, palliative care and medicines for cancer and non-cancer patients are mentioned.
  • In section 16, pediatrics and geriatrics disorders are mentioned.
  • Section 17is all about psychological disorders related to palliative patients are described
  • The terminal phase is mentioned in section 18
  • Palliative medicine research is given in section 19
  • The index is given at the end of the content

Benefits of the Oxford Textbook of palliative medicine

The benefits of purchasing this book are countless if you are an active part of a healthcare system. You can use this book at any time during your practice. This book is comprehensive and everything mentioned is clear and research-based. You can have a quick look at the tables, flowcharts, and figures to clear your concepts about handling palliative medicines in each step of palliative care. Apart from that, you can download this book in pdf format and get personal access to one complete year without any expenditure. This opportunity is available online.

Other Major benefits of “Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine PDF”

  • Easy to know and properly-illustrated
  • Although it presents modern-day statistics and all of the simple standards which might be required, it is likewise very smooth to learn. If you’re a medical student you actually could also be properly aware of the importance of medicine and its cures. This book presents a range of power of knowledge in a very scientific and consolidated way.
  • The uniqueness of this book 
  • The e-book turns into a prolonged meditation on the exercise of medicine, an attempt to connect and interact with a deep feeling of community.  This book includes Palliative medication consisting of medical palliative care, education, and studies that concentrate on the most effective lifestyles of sufferers with superior ailment and their households. The area of palliative medicine is the unwinding of experiencing physical, mental, social, and emotional pain. Palliative medication takes care of sufferers who give up on lifestyles and their households. This Book includes all Information about the above explanation.
  • Cover all the portions of the medicine

Chapters on interventional radiology and palliative surgical procedure are well illustrated which gives complete information about how Palliative medication consists of medical palliative care, education, and studies that concentrate on the most effective lifestyles of sufferers with superior ailment and their households.

The book covers the evaluation and guidance of the patient. This book has been up to date with new questions and solutions in all chapters, and the content material has been revised to mirror what’s maximum crucial in today`s assessments

“Oxford textbook of palliative medicine PDF” is one of the excellent ones for medicinal residents and medical college students.  Due to this, it is a unique book with maximum new updates.

Unique features of “Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine PDF”

  • Palliative medicinal drug consists of medical palliative care, education, and studies that concentrate on the exceptional existence of sufferers with superior disorder and their families.
  • New and updated chapters with greater statistics present you with the entirety you want.
  • Revised chapters with up-to-date and refreshed material, written in a scientific arrangement.
  • The multi-disciplinary nature of palliative care is emphasized in the course of the textbook.
  • The Oxford Textbook of Medicine is the most global textbook on medication, college students most effectively want to shop for one textbook that covers trendy troubles which includes medicine and the management of these.


This book is available in hard copy as well as in pdf format. You can have twelve months of free access to this book as an e-book.

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