Oxford Handbook of Pain Management

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A Brief Overview of Oxford handbook of pain management latest edition

Firstly, for all physicians working in pain control, this book is a critical resource. Moreover, this book is structured into sections on common recovery concepts, psychological strategies, including nonmedical pain and unique clinical conditions. This Handbook highlights and puts together a truly bio-psycho-social approach for pain-affected patients’ multi-virus treatment options. Acute and chronic pain management would allow the user to select the correct treatment at the correct time for the right patient.

Key Features of Oxford handbook of pain management eBook

  • Offers a genuinely biopsychosocial pain control approach
  • Willingness to facilitate a multidisciplinary strategy for all those that are a part of pain treatment  
  • Contains sections on the universal concepts, treatment methods, and clinical conditions  
  • Several recovery strategies like the non-medical treatment of pain are also covered.

Editorial Reviews


“I have always used the Oxford books since I started as a junior house officer, and I find their format easy to use. …[this book] would be a useful addition to an occupational health department’s ‘library’.” —Kerry Freer, Occupational Medicine

Table of content

This book contains a total of eleven chapters explaining each topic in precise detail to guide and hone your skills in the medical industry! Here is the complete table of contents for Oxford handbook of pain management pdf:

  1. First chapter: Sudden Pain: Introduction
  2. Second chapter: Sudden Pain: Techniques used for constant management
  3. Third chapter: Sudden Pain: Accurate clinical situations
  4. Fourth chapter: Chronic Pain: Introduction
  5. Fifth chapter: Chronic pain: Pharmacological therapies
  6. Sixth chapter: Chronic pain: Interventional therapies
  7. Seventh chapter: Chronic pain: Neuromodulation
  8. Eighth chapter: Chronic pain: Techniques used in surgery
  9. Ninth chapter: Chronic pain: therapy of the body
  10. Tenth chapter: Chronic pain: Techniques of the mind
  11. Eleventh Chapter: Chronic pain: Accurate clinical issues

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