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In this post, we will provide you with an overview of this oxford handbook of clinical specialties. Make sure to read until the end to understand what book you are downloading.

Moreover, it had also helped the junior doctors in the practice revision within elusive topics needed for the preparation. Therefore, the clinical specialties pdf comes with its 11 edition. The feature of the 11th edition handbook has designed to ease the learning and be true to humanity

A brief overview of the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery

Evaluation and preparation of patients are covered in the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Surgery. This book covers subjects such as anesthesia and critical care, inflammation, the treatment of wounds and diseases, and general surgery chapters such as plastics, pediatrics, and orthopedics.

Step by step, there is information on indications, symptoms, rarities, practical advice, operating procedures, and standard surgical procedures as well. Emergency quick reference ideas are clearly indicated and study and management strategies are clearly identified and quickly enforced.

Every area includes anatomy and physiology related to surgery, quick reference symbols guarantee the attention of the reader on the key facts and evidence-based practices.

Features of the Oxford handbook of clinical specialties PDF

  • The book regenerates by the expert as well as junior doctors.
  • Further, specialties encounter through the foundation program rotations and the medical schools.
  • The Oxfords clinical specialties handbook new edition has updated and introduced the latest techniques and tips relating to the clinical guidelines. 
  • Despite this, it contains high-quality illustrations to aid in the grasping of the concepts.
  • It comprises the new chapters like the case studies and beyond.
  • Hence, To ease the learning, every chapter has concise information, making them the medical gem.
  • It is the ultimate guidance providing handbook beyond.
  • The ribbons have also included in that edition helped in marking the most used page.
  • Further, Mnemonics has included aiding memorization and readability.
  • Hence, it is the all-time favorite and best revision tool for medics.
  • It also offers 400 illustrated diagrams for better analysis and management.
  • Moreover, reference question has also added to firm the knowledge.
  • New authors have also been introducing in the latest version.
  • It comprises of table and photographs too.
  •  Oxford handbook of clinical specialties PDF has introduced new authors compatible to deliver their thoughts towards the medics.
  • The book is the no.1 selling book of the last few years

Basic Preface of the oxford handbook of clinical medicine pdf

We need to look back at it occasionally. Surgery has undergone cataclysmic shifts since 1990. The first laparoscopic cholecystectomy was carried out in 1992 and has been the standard treatment for the majority of bile diseases and many other surgeries in the West.

As a consequence of laparoscopic operations widened, the decline of general intervention due to hyper specialization has been correlated with a whole new set of complications. Many surgical trainees with little open surgery experience have limited exposure to procedures due to European directives. Indeed, the most technical training is now gained through an emergency call to establish a new emergency operation specialization.

A recent article from the British Medical Journal (BMJ) proposes a surgery training program — not only in the Developed World but in rural, remote, and isolated United Kingdom societies. General activity may have largely disappeared but not forgotten. In most countries around the world, these recent developments are not available and there is still a case for Transparent and General surgical knowledge to be included in the formal training programs.

Contents of the Oxford handbook of clinical specialties PDF

The book has concisely and precisely designed. Instead of tethering here and there, the Oxford handbook of clinical specialties PDF contains only concise chapters. Hence, it provides the point details on the relative content.


Obstetrics is the study of the pregnancy phenomena from the pregnancy to the child’s birth. When it combines with gynecology, the new branch of science arises known as OB/GYN- A surgical field comprising both.


Pediatrics have concerned with children and infants. It also deals with the mental, physical and internal health of the children. Pediatrics means children.


Gynecology is the study of the reproductive system of females. The diseases and their cure relates to the female reproductive system.


Mental illness and depression are spreading worldwide because of the different pandemics in a single’s life. Hence, Psychiatry design to deals with the mental illness and consolation of the patients. 


The environmental conditions and different traumas cause ophthalmic diseases. Hence, to deals with that, ophthalmology came into being. Thus, the eyes and disease related to them and various ophthalmic traumas combined in ophthalmology. 

Primary care

Primary care is the care system of the patient. Hence, care provided by the physician trained in dealing with the undiagnosed diseases sign and their cure at first hand have called primary care.


ENT stands for ear, nose, and throat. Also known as otolaryngology. We can understand the purpose of ENT beyond its name. Despite that, it deals with the diseases, anatomy, and pathology of the eyes, nose, and throat.


Because of the polluted environment, skin issues have increased gradually. Dermatology has combined with the skin issues and their cure.


During surgery, the patient should not be in consciousness. Therefore, anesthesia became the agent that makes the patient’s body with no sensation. Moreover, it makes the patient unconscious. So, it needs to be in quantity. Thus, it has been explaining through the tables and diagrams to make it better understandable.

Eponymous syndrome

This chapter discusses eponymous syndrome with different diseases. An eponymous syndrome is a disease, condition, or disorder had named after identified by the physician.  


Orthopedics is the correction of the deformed bones. Moreover, it has concerned with the disability, deformity, and injuries causing trouble in the skeleton.


When an extrinsic agent causes an injury to the internal skin tissues, this phenomenon is called trauma.

Emergency medicine

The field of medicine deals with the techniques used in the treatment of the patient in an emergency.

Pre-hospital care

Comparatively, pre-hospital care is the care given to the patients beyond reaching the hospital. So, That has been provided by the emergency medical service (EMS) service provider.

About the Authors

There are three authors of the oxford handbook of clinical surgery. Their names are:

  1. Greg McLatchie, 

Hartlepool General Hospital, United Kingdom, Editor Consultant Surgeon

2. Neil Borley, 

Cheltenham General Hospital, UK Editor Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

3. Joanna Chikwe,

 Professor at Mount Sinai Medical Centre, United States of America

We hope you found this review of the oxford handbook of clinical surgery latest edition. And if you have not read the overview, then do read it so you can understand what this book has to offer.

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Conclusion- Oxford handbook of clinical specialties PDF

The PDF handbook provides every topic explanation in brief. After overviewing the book, it has been concluded that the book is a medical gem for the students and the junior doctors. Hence, Oxford proves that their handbooks are the best of any other e-book pdf.  

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