Nursing Research and Statistics By Suresh K Sharma

Nursing research and statistics by Suresh Kumar Sharma PDF is written exactly according to the curriculum of the Nursing Council of India for B.Sc. Nurse students.

It can also serve as an introductory text for graduate students and can also be useful for GNM students and other health professionals. The book is an excellent attempt to introduce students to the various research methodologies adopted in the field of nursing care to record health-related data.

With its simplicity of presentation and easy-to-understand content, adequately supported by accurate examples, the book has become the proud market leader in its segment.

Features of Nursing research and statistics

The features of Nursing Research and Statistics By Suresh K Sharma are discussed below:

Updated and relevant statistics

The existing content of the Nursing Research and Statistics By Suresh K Sharma has been integrated with new more relevant examples.

And some new topics have been added such as risk indices (relative risk and odd relationship), diagnostic test evaluation statistics, linear regression, multiple linear and logistics, and widow SPSS for statistical analysis.

Includes MCQs

About 100 multiple choice questions were included, located at the end of each chapter. These MCQs will be helpful for readers to prepare for their qualifying entrance exams, particularly for the MSc and Ph.D. nursing courses.

Includes summary

A chapter summary has been provided at the end of each chapter to facilitate a quick review of the content.

Table of contents of Nursing Research and Statistics By Suresh K Sharma


  • Fundamental of Nursing research
  • Foundation of Nursing Research
  • Overview of Research Process
  • Research Problem
  • Hypothesis and Assumption
  • Literature Review
  • Theories, Models, and Frameworks in Nursing Research
  • Research Approaches and Designs
  • Population, Sample, and Sampling
  • Tools and Methods of Data Collection
  • Analysis of Data
  • Communication and Utilization of Research


  • Statics
  • Introduction and Descriptive Statistics
  • Normal Distribution and Measures of Relationship
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Appendices
  • Glossary
  • Index
Book Name:Nursing Research and Statistics
Author:Suresh K Sharma
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