Netter’s Surgical Anatomy Review PRN

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A Brief Overview of Netter’s Surgical Anatomy Review PRN PDF

Firstly, this book is a lightweight and portable way of regenerating the need to know how to train surgeons in school, which is the simplest and most convenient way.

Detailed work by leading medical illustrator Frank H. Netter, MD, enables the visualization of anatomy underlying the procedures and health conditions you see when residing for surgery or clerical services. This short, rapid review of human anatomy is suitable for immediate use.

Table of Contents

Section I: Neck & Head

Chapter 1: Fractures of the Head and Face

Chapter 2: Disorder of thyroid

Section II: Back and Cord of the Spin

Chapter 3: Fractures of the spine;

Section III: Thorax

Chapter 4: Breast defects

Chapter 5: Illness of the heart

Chapter 6: Pulmonary diseases

Chapter 7: Esophageal Disease

Chapter 8: Fractures of Ribs and Thorax

Section IV: Abdomen 

Chapter 9: Illness Appendix

Chapter 10: bile dysfunction

Chapter 11: Colonic disorders

Chapter 12: Gastric Disorders

 Chapter 13: Hernias

Chapter 14: Kidney Dysfunction

Chapter 15: Diseases of the liver

Chapter 16: Pancreatic Diseases

Chapter 17: Disorder of the small Intestine 

Section V: Perineum and Pelvis

Chapter 18: Anorectal Disorder

 Chapter 19: Fractures of the Pelvis

Chapter 20: Issues related to prostate 

Chapter 21: Adnexal Disorders and Uterus problems

Section VI: Higher limb

Chapter 22: Fractures of the Pectoral Girdle

Chapter 23: Fractures of Humerus

Chapter 24:  Fractures within the Forearm

Chapter 25:  Fractures involved in the Hand and Wrist

Section VII: Lower Limp  

Chapter 26: Fracture of the Thigh and Hip

Chapter 27 Fractures of the leg and knee

Chapter 28: Fractures of the foot and ankle

About the Author

Lastly, Dr Robert Trelease educates the School of Artificial intelligence, systems modeling, and computer visualization anatomy, embryology, and neuroscience.

  Since 1995, he has been working at Dean’s Office on computer-based teaching on the whole medical curriculum on the World Wide Web as well as smartphones and other mobile devices. He is also Associate Director of the Dean’s Office, UCLA’s Department of Technology and Design. He is also part of the David Geffen School of Medicine.

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