Memory fades away but not the feeling

I don’t know when it started

But every time it felt going over and over

And coming to only one point

Every time I feel I know her

But next time I felt lost

Seeing she felt something

But I couldn’t remember her


The smile on her lips

The hair falling gracefully

I felt a connection with her

But my memory is empty

Just with confusion

And blackness

I thought I was growing old

As I kept on forgetting

But I came to know

I have Alzheimer’s

But I keep on forgetting and losing

It seems so hard to keep up

At one moment it feels I know her

Next time I don’t

I feel so miserable forgetting

The memories I adore

Still, I am alive, living in

Memories which I can’t have

And the feeling which seems

To be there

I feel I have made other hurt a lot

But I can’t remember

I am paralyzed by my mind

I am like a body without any senses

I feel lost and vulnerable

It felt hard to live on

I hope the pain eases

I hope I could make other happy

I hope I could smile

Remembering the memories again…..


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