MCQs and EMQs in Surgery: A Bailey & Love Revision Guide

Firstly, In this post, we will be providing you with an overview of MCQs and EMQs in Surgery and its free download link! Make sure to read through everything given below to know if this is the book you are looking for!

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A Brief Overview of MCQs and EMQs in Surgery

Secondly, surgery is a dynamic subject. Mastering human anatomy is important when dealing with surgery. It is a well-recognized fact that improving and achieving mastery can only be accomplished by evaluation and practice.

This book provides over 1000 high-performance surgical MCQs and EMQs which are certainly the best for auto assessment.

These questions and answers provide medical practitioners with great support, in particular those who are preparing for a major board or people preparing for their licensure examinations.

The surgeons have divided this into 13 parts based on particular subjects and fields of service. Authored by surgeons and other medical experts. It also offers a description of relevant and high-performance operative notes taken from the brief surgical career of Bailey & Love.

Key Features of MCQs and EMQs in Surgery pdf

Thirdly, here is a quick overview of the key features of this book:

  1. A great self-assessment guide and a must-have accompaniment for the Bailey & Love textbook for surgeons and medical students.
  2. Another point in this book is that comprehensive answers are given to each of the MCQ and EMQ, which add a lot to readers’ current knowledge.
  3. Recently, special focus was put upon high yield and relevant learning points for those who look forward to the MRCS test.
  4. The chairman of the Joint Committee of Intercole Exams (JCIE) of the Royal College of Surgeons is the author of this book. Another important point that you know: all of these MCQs & EMQs are closely based on MRCS and FRCS exam models.

Table of Contents

Thirdly, this book has a total of 13 sections explaining chapters of surgery in a very fluent manner. Moreover, Here is the table of contents:

  1. Basic Instructions
  2. Diagnosis and Investigation
  3. Perioperative Medicine  
  4. Trauma
  5. Orthopedics of preference
  6. Skin and subcutaneous tissue  
  7. The Neck and the Head  
  8. Endothelial dysfunction and Breast
  9. Cardiothoracic Surgery 
  10. Vascular surgery
  11. Abdominal surgery
  12. Genitourinary
  13. Transplanting of certain organs

We hope you found this review of MCQs and EMQs in Surgery latest edition. And if you have not read the overview, then do read it so you can understand what this book has to offer.

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Now without any further delay, here is the free download link to MCQs and EMQs in Surgery pdf:

Book Name:MCQs and EMQs in Surgery
Author:Pradip K Datta, Christopher J K Bulstrode, B V Praveen
File Size:5.31MB

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