Management of Acute Coronary Syndromes

Acute diseases require immediate and early surveillance as they are aggressive and uncomfortable. In addition, acute coronary syndromes represent multiple clinical symptoms simultaneously. These coronary syndromes require appropriate symptomatic medication to improve this diseased condition. This book, Management of acute coronary syndromes, covers all crucial details for the therapy of acute coronary syndromes.

This book provides all details with colorful images to explain details in an understanding way. In addition, this book is user-friendly as it engages the reader’s attention with its easy explanation. Moreover, this book also provides tables and boxes to revise all details quickly and easily.

Acute coronary syndrome:

This acute coronary syndrome results from a sudden reduction in myocardial oxygen supply. This decreased supply happens because of thrombus in an atherosclerotic coronary artery resulting in obstruction of the coronary artery. Eventually, supply ischemia of tissues occurs, resulting in the form of multiple clinical syndromes, for example, unstable angina and Q-wave and non-Q-wave myocardial infarction.

These all conditions require hospitalization for appropriate treatment and may cause death.

About the author

Christopher P. Cannon (MD)

  1. Associate professor of medicine at Harvard medical school
  2. Associate physician in the cardiovascular division at Brigham and women’s hospital in Boston, Massachusetts
  3. Investigator of the thrombolysis in a myocardial infarction study group
  4. Published more than 500 articles, reviews, editorials, and journals
  5. Received numerous awards for excellence in clinical medicine
  6. Also a fellow of the American heart association and the American college of cardiology

Clinical aspects of Management of acute coronary syndromes

This book covers multiple clinical features to describe the treatment approaches for these syndromes. In addition, it is written in a very easy way to understand these concepts. Let’s have a view of these features.

Pathophysiology of syndromes

This book describes the pathophysiology of these syndromes to understand the features of these diseases. In this way, this book makes it easy to learn about these diseases and improvise a better treatment plan.

Diagnostic approaches

This book also includes a section on the latest diagnostic procedures to diagnose these diseases at an early stage. It helps to treat the disease in a better way with a better prognosis.

Special topics

This book also includes special topics related to these syndromes. It describes these diseases’ incidence in women. In addition, it also explains the latest strategy plans for cardiogenic shock. Moreover, this book also explains other important topics related to these syndromes.

Changes delivered in the latest (2nd) edition of Management of acute coronary syndromes

The latest edition of this book encompasses every crucial detail related to acute coronary syndromes. In addition, this book helps to understand the complex concepts for the handling of these life-threatening conditions. Moreover, this book also highlights the evidence-based clinical guide for pharmacological therapies. Let us explore these confronting features for the sake of review.

  • Compact size and easily portable
  • Provides a comprehensive guide for the investigation, diagnosis, and medication of these acute syndromes
  • Encompasses the latest technologies like biomarkers for better investigation procedures and diagnosis
  • All therapeutic options are available for the cure of these syndromes with their indications and contraindications evaluation.
  • It also explains potential complications for the readers to have a view about these difficulties.
  • This book also covers evidence-based explanations for at-risk patients comprising pharmacological therapies with lifestyle management for the long term.
  • It also includes a concise collection of tables and appendices that explains treatment algorithms, risk scores, and a summary for management guidelines.
  • This book also includes several clinical images to describe the content with pictorial illustrations for Improved learning.
  • It also includes flow charts and summary boxes to explain the details effortlessly.
  • This book also provides investigation procedures to diagnose these diseases in a better way.
  • It also includes the latest technologies like non-invasive imaging techniques for the early and easy diagnosis of these acute diseases.
  • This book also includes details about lifestyle improvement for better outcomes of treatment.
  • This book is also available in pdf format for your convenience. You can handily get access to this book’s details on any electronic media platform.

Content details of Management of acute coronary syndromes

This book covers the treatment approaches for these deadly syndromes. It explains the pathophysiology of these diseases to understand the changes that occurred to represent an anomaly.

Moreover, this book also explains the diagnostic procedures and how to diagnose these diseases. An early diagnosis will lead to timely treatment as well as an improved prognosis. In addition, this book then explains all these syndromes in separate parts for better illustration.

This book covers the details in five parts for an improved explanation. Every section includes detailed information about these diseases. In addition, these parts also contain clinical images and flow charts to understand the details in a better way. The main sections of this book are as follows:-

  • Pathophysiology
  • Diagnosis
  • ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction
  • Non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction
  • Special aspects of acute coronary syndromes
Book name:Management of acute coronary syndromes
Author:Christopher P. Cannon
Publisher:Humana press
Book volume:763 pages


This book describes all possible treatment protocols for the medication of these acute coronary syndromes. In addition, this book explains all the details in a very effective and understanding manner. It includes multiple clinical images and features to improve the learning of the reader. Moreover, this book also provides risk scores for the patients and an overview of the latest treatment guidelines.

This book will be of great interest to buy specialist physicians in CVS medicine, cardiac and vascular surgery, and critical care. In addition, this book is also helpful for primary care physicians and for those doctors who come across patients with these syndromes.

This book is available in pdf format for the sake of your convenience. You can avail of these textbook features anywhere you want with no need for this book. This pdf format encompasses all aspects of the textbook with high-quality clinical images.

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