Lecture Notes: Epidemiology, Evidence-based Medicine and Public Health 6th Edition

In this post, we will provide you with a complete overview of this book and its download link! Make sure to go through everything to understand what book you are downloading.

A Brief Overview of Epidemiology, Evidence-based Medicine and Public Health 6th Edition

This sixth-year book provides students and health practitioners with the requisite basic resources to study, practice, and teach epidemiology and prevention in today’s world.

The first part, Epidemiology, outlines the basic concepts and theoretical foundations behind the work on population health, including a new chapter on genetic epidemiology.

Intrinsically, the implementation of the latest and best clinical evidence for care at a person and community levels, including guidance on how to apply the concepts of EBM in your own practice, has been related to public epidemiology and wellbeing and introduced into a brand new second segment, Evidence-based Medicine.

The third segment, ‘Public Health,’ introduces students to the practice of public health including disease prevention, length of life, disparity reduction, and global health prevention strategies and tools.

This book was made to keep every aspect of medicinal health in good condition for Medical students to analyze, study, and practice these provided experiments for a promising future career.

Key Features

 This book includes key learning features:

  • Each chapter has learning goals and main points
  • Expanded critical assessment coverage and data analysis
  • A brand new SAQ self-evaluation segment and the “True / False” questions for each subject
  • A glossary to easily assess the significance of keywords highlighted for analysis and review preparation
  • More detail on each issue

This paper offers a valuable range of theory and practice knowledge to medical students, junior practitioners, and public health students, whether they first discuss these subjects, start up a special study or placement module or find a quick summary of the references.

About the authors

There are three authors of Epidemiology, Evidence-based Medicine, and Public Health 6th Edition:

1. Ben-Shlomo Yoav

He is a Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at Bristol University.

2. Brookes Sara T.

She is a Professor in Studies in Medical Statistics in Health care.

3. Hickman Matthew

He is a professor of public and epidemiological health at the University of Bristol.

Table Of Contents

This book contains about 22 Sections/chapters. Each section explains its topic of discussion in precise detail.

Here is the table of content of Epidemiology, Evidence-based Medicine, and Public Health 6th Edition:

Section I: Epidemiology

  • Chapter 1: Epidemiology: defining disease and normality
  • Chapter 2: Measuring and summarizing data
  • Chapter 3: Epidemiological concepts
  • Chapter 4: Statistical inference, confidence intervals, and P-values
  • Chapter 5: Observational studies
  • Chapter 6: Genetic epidemiology
  • Chapter 7: Investigating causes of disease
  • Chapter 8: An overview of evidence-based medicine
  • Chapter 9: Identification
  • Chapter 10: Augury
  • Chapter 11: Effectiveness
  • Chapter 12: Systematic reviews and meta-analysis
  • Chapter 13: Health economics
  • Chapter 14: Audit, research ethics, and research governance,

Section II: Public Health

  • Chapter 15: Public health
  • Chapter 16: Screening
  • Chapter 17: Infectious disease epidemiology and surveillance
  • Chapter 18: Inequalities in health
  • Chapter 19: Health improvement
  • Chapter 20: Evaluating public health and complex interventions
  • Chapter 21: Health care targets
  • Chapter 22: Global health

We hope you found this review of Epidemiology, Evidence-based Medicine, and Public Health. And if you have not read the overview, then do read it so you can understand what this book will offer you.

We also wish every medical student with a passion for epidemiology; the best of luck in all of his/her future examinations/ studies.

This book is truly a very well thought; and well-written book and we, at WOMS, would recommend you download this book to gain even more clarity over this subject.

Now without any further delay, here is the link to Evidence-based Medicine and Public Health:

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