Laser Surgery for the Management of Ent Malignancies

There is no such book merely available for the management of malignancies. These malignant lesions of any organ require extensive treatment approaches for their complete recovery. This book, Laser surgery for the management of ENT malignancies, is specifically designed to describe the clear-cut management protocol for ENT malignancies.

This book offers various treatment procedures for the regression of these ear, nose, and throat malignancies. As the name indicates, this book covers laser assisted surgical procedures to treat these malignancies. This book explains the details in an easy and understanding way to make this book user-friendly.

From the learning aspects

This book provides a clear vision regarding the management of ear, nose, and throat malignancies. In addition, this book covers the latest technology of lasers for the treatment of these malignancies. This laser technology has fewer side effects compared with radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Moreover, this book is user-friendly to provide sufficient details to clear concepts regarding the treatment of malignancies. In addition, this book is best for the readers to have complete details regarding the treatment of these aggressive malignant neoplasms.

About the author

J.P guyot

Recently, he is a chairman, service of oto-rhino-laryngology, head and neck surgery, department of clinical sciences at the university hospital of geneva.

He is a professor at the faculty of medicine at the university of geneva.

His main interest was in neuro-otology and the development of a vestibular implant.

He wrote several publications related to oto-rhino-laryngology. His recent international publication was on the restoration of the vestibulo-ocular reflex in humans with a prototype neuroprosthesis.

He was an expert in all the surgical management of the pathologies related to ENT. He has passed several years of experience in ENT related surgeries.

Clinical features of laser surgery for the management of malignancies

There are different clinical and diagnostic key points that will surely help readers achieve excellence in a clinical setting. These clinical points are the key to success in the management of these aggressive neoplasms. Let’s have an overview of this book to know more about these clinical aspects.

Histopathological examination

This book explains the histopathology of all these lesions. This histopathological examination reveals the status of metastasis and aggressiveness of the lesions. In addition, it also explains the extent of these malignancies. Moreover, these histopathological points are important diagnostic tools for the treatment plan of these malignant lesions.

Pictorial illustration

This book explains the content details with a diagrammatic illustration. This feature helps to understand the typical concepts of management. These features also aid in learning and memorizing details. In addition, visual learning enhances memory duration. Moreover, there are histopathological diagrams that help to understand the microscopic details of the lesions.

Treatment approaches

This book is specially organized to provide treatment approaches for the management of ENT malignancies. In addition, this book offers a focused laser treatment methodology for the limitation of ENT malignancies.

Changes delivered in the latest edition of laser surgery for the management of ENT malignancies

Every latest edition follows New pattern of the content description. This feature makes the details easier to understand. This updated edition is user-friendly and engages the readers. Let us have a look at these Changes.

  • Described content simply and easily helps to understand the complex Concepts.
  • Includes histopathological explanation of these malignancies
  • This book also covers histopathology diagrams that explain all the microscopic detailings of these lesions. Histopathology is the best diagnostic tool to know the extent of disease. It also helps to plan treatment protocol.
  • Includes several clinical diagrams to illustrate the content and better understanding.
  • Laser assisted surgical procedures for ENT malignancies and preservation of the nearby important structures.
  • Laser surgical techniques are easy for surgeons, beneficial for patients with fewer complications, and provide more safety.
  • Explains the surgical application of new laser techniques to improve benefits.
  • This book also explains the growth patterns of these malignancies and provides information related to tumor markers for their identification.
  • It covers the technique of endoscopic laser surgery for the surgical management of oncology.
  • It also explains the benefits and complications of the usage of laser-assisted surgery for ENT malignancies.
  • An eBook or pdf format is available to know about the context details at any electronic media platform.

Content details of the laser surgery for the management of ENT malignancies

This book covers the important dimensions of laser surgery for the management of ENT malignancies. These techniques follow the recent trends of surgical management to manage the aggressiveness of the lesions. In addition, this technique is very useful, and the success rate is more than the conventional procedure. Moreover, it provides less harm to the patient and decreases complications after surgery.

This book covers all information related to laser surgery, protocols, and all other necessary details. This book contains seven sections to provide focused details related to laser surgery. Let us explore the content details of this book for a thorough review.

Chapter 1 – surgical application of new technologies: an unruly scientific process

Chapter 2 – growth pattern of T3 and T4 of  piriform sinus carcinomas: implications for microendoscopic laser surgery

Chapter 3 – accuracy of histological examination following endoscopic CO2 laser-assisted laryngectomy

Chapter 4 – current status of endoscopic laser surgery in head and neck surgical oncology

Chapter 5 – endoscopic excision with CO2 laser for the treatment of glottic carcinomas

Chapter 6 – laser surgery for the T2 glottic carcinomas

Chapter 7 – risk of late fatal secondary hemorrhage in laser surgery of the larynx

Book name:Laser treatment for the management of ENT malignancies
Author:J.P guyot
Publisher:S. Karger Medical and scientific publishers
Book-length:47 pages


This book is best to provide information related to the surgical management of ENT malignancies. It includes all necessary histopathological and clinical features to clear concepts related to these malignancies. In addition, it also explains the basic growth pattern of these carcinomas. Moreover, it explains all the treatment procedures in a very detailed manner.

This book is also available in pdf and eBook format so that you may get access to all sufficient details of this textbook.

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