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Are you worried about preparing pathology for USMLE? Are you looking for some good books to use for preparation? Then relax and keep reading as we guide you to have a miracle book. Kaplan Pathology is all you need to pass your pathology USMLE. Yes, it is a complete package.

Pathology is the main subject in medical colleges. In pathology, you study different diseases. More specifically, you will also explore the possible origin, cause, and type of disease. You will examine various types of body tissues, organs, and fluids. After that, you can take make the diagnosis.

Choose Kaplan Pathology as your USMLE guide to have the best results. This book is for STEP 1 of USMLE. Are you wondering about different features of Kaplan Pathology? Let us brief you in this regard.

Kaplan Pathology | Lecture Notes Series

A large number of students have used Kaplan Pathology for passing USMLE. It is not any new book. It is available since 1st January 2004. At that time, the name of this book was USMLE Step 1 Lecture Notes: Pathology. Since then, we have seen the revised version in different years. For example, 2010, 2012, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Thanks to the publishers, i.e., Kaplan Medical. Kaplan Medical published the first revised versions to help the students intending to appear in USMLE part 1. Different vendors have been selling these lecture notes. Simon & Schuster are at the top of the list in this regard.

You have more than seven books in this series. So, you do want to check your Kaplan USMLE Step 1: Pathology? Here is the free link to the 2018 version. med-mu.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Kaplan-Pathology.pdf

Kaplan Pathology | A complete Package

Kaplan USMLE Step 1: Pathology is the official book of Kaplan Medical. It is a complete package for you. That means it covers all the information that you need. Isn’t that interesting to find such a helpful lecture book? Yes, so don’t wait anymore and grab it to excel in USMLE and get your favorite residency.

What’s more interesting about Kaplan Pathology in 2021? Kaplan Medical released USMLE Step 1 Lecture Notes 2021: 7-Book Set. The release date is December 1, 2020. This set has mainly focused on the hot topics in every discipline of medical sciences.

For example, pathology, behavioral science/social sciences, pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, immunology/microbiology, and biochemistry/medical genetics. So you can opt for the one with pathology. Kaplan Medical has maintained the quality due to expert faculty revising these books.

Why Kaplan Pathology in Pool of Pathology Books?

If you are present on this page, it’s an indication that you want to focus your efforts on USMLE pathology. So why not focus on where you get the best results. Kaplan Pathology is your best companion in this regard. It is a complete package providing you full lecture notes.

So, what features make Kaplan Pathology stand out? We must tell you that this book is unique. Some of the elements making it unique are here for you:

Current Versions

Kaplan Pathology is up to date. Guess who is behind such an effort? Kaplan’s all-star faculty are working day and night to make sure they provide you with complete knowledge.

Clinical Knowledge Embedded

Kaplan Pathology is not something theoretical. You will see the information supported by the clinical correlations. Also, you will see the relationship of pathology with different disciplines.


We glad to tell you that Kaplan Pathology is efficient for learners. Imagine having a bulky book. In this book, you are going to and fro to find systematic knowledge. Thanks to Kaplan Pathology. The format of the book is such from which you can learn easily

Expressive Color Diagrams

Good color representation is what all students prefer! No matter what age or level they are. Even you will see the Ph.D. scholars checking figures in the research paper they read. Well, that’s funny but good for understanding. So Kaplan Medical has taken care of this and present good figures for you.

Chapter Summaries

Chapter summaries are a treat for you. They will make you quickly understand things.

Name of Quality

The name of Kaplan Medical Publishers is enough to understand this book’s quality. Thousands of students around the globe trust it and use it to pass USMLE.

Coverage of Pathology Content

Any pathology book will have a content list covering every topic in the subject matter. But we recommend you going for Kaplan Pathology because the arrangement of the case in the book is so systematic.

For instance, the 2018 version of Kaplan Pathology has a total of 28 chapters. Each chapter is easy to study. So that you’re learning is increased in a short time. Isn’t that amazing?

First ten chapters

In a more specific manner, the first ten chapters cover different topics. For example, the contents in this regard are introduction with fundamentals, skin-related issues, principles of neoplasia, cellular injury and adaptation, amyloidosis, inflammation, immunopathology, tissue repair, genetic disorders, and circulatory pathology.

Chapter 11 -20

In the next 11 – 20 chapters, you will see other important topics. For instance, these are central nervous system pathology, red blood cell pathology: anemias, liver pathology, vascular pathology, gallbladder, following and biliary tract pathology, cardiac pathology, pancreatic pathology, respiratory pathology, gastrointestinal tract pathology, and renal pathology.

Chapter 21 -28

In the last 21 – 28 chapters, you will find other topics for preparation. Are you curious about those chapters? Let us solve your confusion. The in-depth chapters covered in this half are Skeletal Muscle and Peripheral Nerve Pathology, Hematopoietic Pathology–White Blood Cell, Joint Pathology, Lymphoid, and Myeloid Neoplasms, Bone Pathology, Female Genital Pathology, Endocrine Pathology, Male Pathology, and Breast Pathology.

Softer Versions of Kaplan Pathology

Thanks to the digital age! You don’t have to worry about the image and print qualities they used to be in the previous years. You can purchase these books over different platforms.

Wrapping Up

We hope now you will prefer Kaplan Pathology over other books. Well, honestly, you should! We assure Kaplan Pathology, and consistent hard work will take you through your USMLE.

We wish you luck. Please don’t forget to share your experience of preparation with Kaplan Pathology. Thanks.

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