Health Behavior and Health Education: Theory, Research, and Practice

Understanding the health behavior in response to any stimulus is quite complicated. There are different theories and research papers to explain all the myths of health behavior. This book, Health behavior and health education, provides all dynamic details of health behavior correlating every aspect of human health.

It is a difficult task to focus on the brittle details of this subject. Many students find it a dry subject and unable to develop interest. But, there is a solution for all the related problems of students and practitioners. This book not only engages the reader but also provides authentic theories and research papers for the ease of students.

For the student purpose

This book offers help for the students of different fields. In addition, it provides all the necessary assistance to the students of DNP and public health degree trainees. Moreover, it offers versatile research in the form of different theories and practice results.

About the author

Here are some of the authors of this great publication who struggled hard to organize all the theories, research analysis, and practice outcomes.

Karen Glanz

  • Professor and director of the Emory prevention research center
  • Georgia Cancer Coalition Distinguished Research Scholar at the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University.

Barbara K. Rimer

Dean and distinguished alumni professor of health behavior and health education in the school of public health at the university of north Carolina, chapel hills

K. Viswanath:

Associate professor of society, human development, and health at the school of public health at Harvard University

Characteristic aspects of Health behavior and health education

In this section, we’ll explain all the dynamic features of this book. These features will help you to understand the overview of this book. Let’s go through these important features to know more about this book.

In-depth analysis

This book provides a very in-depth review of different health behavior theories and researches relevant to health education. In addition, it also provides the most updated information related to theory, research, and practice as an individual. Moreover, this book includes research and practice at the personal, interpersonal, and community levels for a better assessment of health behavior.

Clinical practice

This book includes diversified content details of the most emerging health communication theories. In addition, it also covers the updated details of health promotion, the impact of stress, and evaluation. Moreover, it also focuses on the practice of these theories in diverse populations or any setting.

Changes mentioned in the latest (4th) edition of health behavior and health education

This book, health behavior and health education, offers multiple features which are part of this latest edition. These features are just for the convenience of health education students and practitioners. These are as follows:

  • Comprehensive and accessible analysis of health behavior theories and researches
  • This book links theory, research, and practice in a concise volume
  • Most recent information related to health education theories and practice
  • Describe details at the personal, interpersonal, community, and group levels
  • Inform about the evaluation of change by identifying the practice outcomes, timing, and method of study
  • Advancement in the field of science and practice of health behavior and health education
  • Provides definitive text details for students, practitioners, and scientists related to health behavior
  • Integrates eHealth into health communication examples
  • Pictures available to engage the reader’s attention
  • Translated in different languages for convenience

Other important benefits of  health behavior and health education

There are many other important advantages of this book that are helpful for students. In addition, these features distinguish this book from others.

Authentic details

This book covers all the authentic details and researches while explaining different theories. In addition, this book includes several references to correlate the book’s details with recent available researches and details.

Image representation

This book explains all the details with their relevant images. This feature makes this book interesting to read. Moreover, these image representations help to engage the reader’s attention. In this way, this book also provides context details with proper image explanations.

Content details of  health behavior and health education

This book covers all the important details of health behavior and health education. In addition, this book also explains different theories related to health behavior, researches, and their practice outcomes. Moreover, this book provides sufficient knowledge to apply all these theories in and community or setting.

The main objective of this book is ‘to advance the science and application of health behavior and health education by proper practicing of these health education theories.’

This book offers comprehensive text details for students, practitioners, and scientists by following these three ways:

  1. Analyzing important components of theories related to health education
  2. Evaluation by current application of these theories in different health care programs and interventions
  3. Highlighting important future directions for research and practice in health education and promotion.

This book covers all the important details of health behavior and health education. In addition, this book covers all the important details concerning personal, interpersonal, and community levels. In this way, this book explains the application of the described theories at every level.

There are 5 parts of this book, explaining all the major portions of health behavior and education.

Part 1 – health education and health behavior

Part 2 – models of individual health behavior

Part 3 – models of interpersonal health behavior

Part 4 – community and group models of health behavior change

Part 5 – using theory in research and practice

Book name:Health behavior and health education: theory, research, and practice
Author:Axel Glanz Karen Glanz Barbara K. Rimer Francis Marcus lewis K. Viswanath for 4th edition
Publisher:Jossey bass,2002
Book edition:4th
Book-length:583 pages


If you have a keen interest to know about health behavior and education, you are at a perfect place to fulfill your desire. This book provides you the best theories related to health behavior, proper researches, and their application in the programmed community and clinical setting. This book is also available in pdf format for easy access to all important details.

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