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Are you a USMLE aspirant and looking for the perfect books to make you pass your USMLE exam? As you search through the internet, you will be drowned in the flood of books available on pathology. As a result, you will be more confused about which book to opt for and which one to leave. Considering your confusion, we have compiled a blog on a book that will provide you with all the stuff you need to learn in a single cover. Yes, we are talking about Goljan Pathology. The latest edition of the Goljan Pathology is available by the name of the ‘Rapid Review Pathology, 5th Edition’.

The fifth edition of Goljan Pathology was released by the Elsevier Publishers on 27th February 2018. The efforts of Dr. Edward Goljan are appreciable in producing such a concise, comprehensive, and up-to-date pathology book. You can use it for learning the fundamentals and advanced concepts in pathology if you are a medical college student. Also, if you are a health science professional, then you may use it for updating your concepts. However, Goljan Pathology will prove as a miracle book if you want to use it for the preparation of USMLE.

Because it has been designed in a way that will aid you in learning the important concepts in a short period. And that too in an easy manner. Goljan Pathology is a complete package for different individuals satisfying different purposes of the health care personnel concisely and briefly.

So, without any further delays, let’s dive deeper into important aspects of Goljan Pathology!

Why Should You Opt for Goljan Pathology?

Now there is no more confusion in selecting the best book for preparing pathology. Because Goljan Pathology is here to help you amazingly with the pool of knowledge that you need. It does not matter whether you are appearing in USMLE Step 1, or Step 2, or any other medical college exam, Goljan Pathology is the best book that you can follow.

Now the question arises, why Goljan Pathology among other good books of pathology? Because Goljan Pathology is an up-to-date version. And also because it is containing all the essential knowledge concerned with pathology. Another big reason for opting for Goljan Pathology is the user-friendly aspect. That is why it has become the best choice of all health sciences students on a global scale.

So, are you thinking to grab this miracle Goljan Pathology book? Well, you should because will love the format in which the outline is given and the layout which is presented in vibrant colors. Some other noticeable features are the notes given in the high-yield margin, key points in addition to the stronger correlation developed in the clinical sense.

That is why you also need to have this book on your desk!

About the Author of Goljan Pathology

Are you wondering to know about the author of this masterpiece of pathology? Let us brief you in this regard. Dr. Edward F. Goljan is a medical doctor who authored this book. Dr. Goljan is an internationally renowned personality in the domain of pathology. Dr. Goljan has authored several contributions and is a competent professor. At present, he is also chairing the Pathology at Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences.

Goljan Pathology is one of the most famous contributions of Dr. Goljan. Several institutes have assigned different professors to assess the quality of this book. So that they can adopt Goljan Pathology as an exam material. And you will be glad to learn that every time Goljan Pathology excelled in all aspects.

Also, thanks to Dr. Goljan for providing the USMLE aspirants with a book which is ensuring the highest scores in USMLE too besides other exams. So, go and grab your latest edition of the Goljan Pathology to derive maximum benefit from it.

What’s Inside the Miracle Goljan Pathology?

Let us now specifically brief you, what Goljan Pathology has for you. Let’s get started. The significant key features of the Goljan Pathology are inclusive of:

Mock Questions

More than 400 USMLE-type mock questions are added. These will be helping you in assessing your information regarding important areas of the pathology.


You will get more than 700 illustrations. Thanks to the contributors, authors, editors, and publishers of this book. They have used full-color diagrams. Also, you will love the high-definition images. These images will help you to learn the concepts easily especially if we talk in terms of systematic pathology.

Reliable Education

This book is an example of perfection and dedication. Dr. Goljan conveyed his valuable knowledge. Therefore, the quality of this book cannot be doubted. It will be giving you the best information in a matchless manner.

Consolidated Concepts

The best thing about Goljan Pathology is that it has very good quality summaries. Also, you will get the containers with yield packing. These will ensure that you learn the best and consolidated ideas to excel in exams

Straightforward Format

As you go through the Goljan Pathology, you will notice that the book is not complicated. All the concepts are delivered straightforwardly. You will get tables and important factors written in bullets. They will help you in memorizing the concepts more effortlessly.


We know you don’t like to take your bulky books to different places as you move during your medical journey. So, we have good news for you. Now you can read the soft copy of Goljan Pathology in your favorite PDF readers. You can mark the important points and do other stuff to help you in memorizing the concepts.

Wrapping Up on Goljan Pathology

With this, we come to a brief review of Goljan Pathology. We have described all the important features of this pathology guru book. Simply because we don’t want you to miss this amazing book that can help you excel in your studies and fulfill your dreams.

We hope this review will prove beneficial in helping you. We will be glad to help you in answering your further queries as well. Therefore, don’t forget to share them with us. Thank you! 

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