Fundamental Nursing Skills

For medical students, only knowledge is not enough but, they must have a strong grip on skills. Either you are a student of medicine and surgery, or you belong to the nursing profession, you must have expertise in clinical skills. This book, Fundamental nursing skills, focuses on the important clinical skills regarding the nursing profession.

This book not only provides important information regarding clinical skills but also assists the students to become an expert in their clinical practice. In addition, this book offers all the clinical details and aspects of the nursing field.

For the student purpose

Many students find it difficult to select the best book for clinical purposes. Most of the books provide details of the concepts but, these books do not cover the clinical aspects. This book, Fundamental nursing skills, explores all the important text details with their clinical characteristics. In addition, this book also helps to provide a strong grip on clinical skills.

About the author

Penelope Ann Hilton (SEN, SRN, RMN, DipN from London, BSc Hons, RNT)

He was also a lecturer at the University of Sheffield, UK.

Clinical features of Fundamental nursing skills

There are several clinical features of this book that will help you to understand these clinical aspects. In addition, there is a very simple and well-understood explanation of these skills. Let’s go through them.

Improved clinical skills

This book is helpful for the students and newly qualified nurses. In addition, this book is specifically oriented to improve clinical skills in newly emergent nurses. Moreover, this book also assists those nurses who are hesitant to perform clinical work.

Procedure explanation

For improved skills, there are different tables available to understand the procedure and rationale. In this way, this book makes it easy to understand all the important clinical procedures to perform. Moreover, this book is also helpful in improving clinical practice.

Features available in the recent edition of Fundamental nursing skills

There are several distinguishing features described in this book that will help students and nurses to understand basic clinical skills. In addition, these clinical features are very useful to establish a strong foundation of clinical skills. Moreover, this book also explains these skills to understand them in a better way. These features are as follows:

  • This book highly emphasizes the clinical skills
  • Outlines the important elements that are essential for nursing procedure
  • Explains the details in a very easy and accessible format
  • Multiple diagrams available to know better about the clinical procedures
  • Medical terminologies available for an easy understanding experience
  • Conversion tables are part of the text for improved learning
  • Laboratory results are also present to correlate the laboratory findings with the clinical aspects
  • This book also provides a rationale for recommended procedures to promote the evidence-based clinical practice.
  • This book engages the reader by maintaining the record of achievement with their clinical skill competence.
  • An eBook is available to get easy access to all the important details of the textbook.

Other important features of Fundamental nursing skills

There are several other features that will help you to understand the details of the text. In addition, these features will engage the reader and make this book user-friendly. Let’s go through the advancing features of this book.

Pictorial illustration

This book represents all the details with their appropriate diagrammatic illustration. In addition, this book also provides different procedures with proper explanations in the form of diagrams. These features ensure a very easy way of understanding. Moreover, these diagrams make the content easy to understand and enhance visual memory.

Clinical procedure explanation

This book provides different clinical procedures that are the essential key to nursing. These procedures are available in the form of a table for improved understanding. In addition, there is a rationale available for every step of that clinical procedure. This unique feature makes this book interesting and improves the success rate in nursing practice.

Common terminologies

Many students are unable to understand the difficult medical terminologies. This book provides medical terminologies related to every chapter. In addition, these easy terminologies make the context details effective and straightforward. Moreover, these little things provide a strong foundation of concepts for improved clinical skills.

Content details of Fundamental nursing skills

This book covers all the important details necessary for any nursing student or a nurse. In addition, this book also focuses on the clinical aspects relate to these presentations. Moreover, it also covers all the important things related either to the patient or nurse.

The content of this book covers all the important care aspects that are expected from any nurse. Their duties are in the form of a model which has four compartments.

  1. Lifespan continuation from conception to death
  2. Activities of living
  3. Factors that influence these activities
  4. Dependance / independence continuum

This book highlights all the necessary features to make things easy for any student or any nurse. In addition, this book also explains the basic concepts and their relevant clinical management.

Chapter 1 – breathing

Chapter 2 – mobilizing

Chapter 3 – personal cleansing and dressing

Chapter 4 – maintaining a safe environment

 Chapter 5 – Eating and drinking

Chapter 6 – communicating

Chapter 7 – dying

Chapter 8 – eliminating

Chapter 9 – maintaining body temperature

Chapter 10 – expressing sexuality

Chapter 11 – working and playing

Chapter 12 – sleeping

Appendix I – rapid reference aids

Appendix II – Record of achievement

These are the important activities that are the responsibility of any nurse. In addition, a nurse must be capable enough to perform all these activities. This book is sufficient enough to understand the clinical skills and relevant procedures.

Book name:Fundamental nursing skills
Author:Penelope Ann Hilton
Publisher:Whurr publishers


If you are worried about selecting any book relevant to clinical skills, this book, Fundamental nursing skills, is best for you. This book covers all the fundamental clinical skills that will help you to improve your skills. Moreover, this book provides great context details for your easy understanding. You can also avail of this textbook in eBook or pdf format to get easy access to all the details.

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