First Aid Emergency Medicine Clerkship

In this post, we are going to overview the First aid emergency medicine clerkship pdf. The book is the student-to-student guide. Therefore, it had helped thousands of students with its high-yield facts and figures.

Moreover, the First aid clerkship pdf has also introduced its third edition pdf. That edition contains the tips related to exams, ward, and integrated mini-cases. The illustration of the book makes it more unique and convenient for the students. Furthermore, it also contains the mnemonics and table to help in having a good grasp of the content with its integrated study content.

Features of the first aid emergency medicine

The book features come up with the advancement and the readability of the content. So, here are some of the first aid pdf features.

  • First aid is the student-to-student hand guide written by the students with the review of the faculty members.
  • Moreover, the pdf guide 3rd edition comes up with the high yield facts and figures related to the content.
  • Correspondingly, this edition contains the mnemonics, illustrations, and tables that will help you remember the key points.
  • Besides, the tips related to exams and wards with the integrated mini-cases help excel on the shelf and wards exams.
  • In addition to the edition, an overhaul of the topic organization with stylistic updates had made it more feasible.
  • Comparatively, the clerkship pdf had provided classic exam scenarios with the mini-cases included in it.
  • First aid emergency medicine clerkship pdf is an easily accessed book that had divided into three sections.
  • It is the most effective tool beyond the other clerkship-related guide pdf.
  • You will ace the clerkship and shelf exams with the first aid clerkship pdf.
  • The content updated with the newer guidelines and data to keep the pace between the newly researched topics.

Authors of First aid for emergency medicine

The third edition of the first aid emergency medicine clerkship pdf has written by the three authors. So, below are the details about them.

Matthew S. Kaufman

Matthew S. Kaufman (MD) is a professor of the department of hematology in Albert Einstein medicine. Further, he works in the North Shore-Long Island Jewish medical center located in New Hyde Park, New York.

Latha G. Stead

Latha G. Stead (MD, MS, FACEP) is the chief of the division of clinical research. Also, she is a professor of emergency medicine at the University of Florida College of Medicine, Gainesville. Besides all, she is also the adjunct professor of emergency medicine in the mayo clinic- college of medicine in Rochester, Minnesota, and Editor in chief of the International Journal of emergency medicine.

Arthur Rusovici

He is the cardiology fellow of the cardiology at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey Newark. Moreover, He is the former chief of a medical resident in the division of internal medicine.

Overview of first aid emergency medicine


The clerkship pdf content comprises 566 pages that divide into three sections,

  • How to succeed in the medical clerkship
  • High yield facts in the internal medicine
  • Classified: Awards and opportunities for students interested in medicine.

How to succeed in the medicine clerkship – section 1

Medicine clerkship is the course for the clinical experience for the students that are interested in the field of medicine. Therefore, this section of the first aid pdf contains the topics relating to behavior in the wards, organization of learning, and preparation for the clinical clerkship exam. This section of the clerkship guide will help out the students to ace the exams.

High-Yield Facts in internal medicine – section 2

This section contains a total of eleven topics. Some of them have described below.


It is the study of the treatment and disorders related to the heart of the human body. Thus, the diseases related to the heart have called cardiovascular diseases.


It is the study of the messenger system that has called the endocrine system. Hence, it had named endocrinology.


The disorders related to the digestive system has called gastrointestinal disorders. So, the study related to the digestive system has called gastroenterology.


It is the study of the skin and diseases related to it. Hence, dermatology is the study of human skin issues.


The study that is relating to the respiratory system has called pulmonology. The section contains the facts with the illustration and mini cases on the pulmonology.


Comparatively, it is the study of the diseases relates to joints. Such as rheumatism and arthritis.

Awards and opportunities for the students – section 3

This section contains the detailed topics with the color insert. Despite this, it enlightens the awards related to the clerkship students.

Conclusion of First aid emergency medicine pdf

In conclusion, the pdf is the genuine e-book available to enhance the preparation of the aspirants struggling here and there to get a grip of the clerkship exam. Every topic of the book had described with facts, illustrations, and tables. Hence, It is a student-friendly pdf of all time with the color insert.

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