Extra Heart Sounds (s3 & s4)

This extra heart sounds category will help you learn about the auscultation of the third and fourth heart sounds including third heart sound gallop, fourth heart sound gallop, third and fourth heart sound gallop, and summation gallop at 120 beats per minutes.
The third heart sounds (S3) occurs in the rapid filling period of early diastole. The fourth heart sound(S4) ensues in late diastolic periods right before the first heart sound.
Before you take this session you should have finished the normal heart sounds session, first heart sound, and second heart sound sessions. You should feel gratified with your ability to listen and be familiar with normal heart sounds.
Please use good quality headphones or earphones. Computer or phones speakers often fail to reproduce some heart sounds.
The third heart sound (S3), also described as the “ventricular gallop”. It betides just after the second heart sound when the mitral valve opens, allowing the acquiescent filling of the left ventricle. The third heart sound is produced by a large amount of blood cogent a very complaint left ventricle.
The fourth heart sound gallops manifest as a vibration of 20 to 30 Hz within the ventricle. If the complication lies with the left ventricle, the gallop rhythm will be heard best at the cardiac apex.
In medical practices, correct diagnosis and understanding of the case are important. So, while doing auscultation hearing the sounds correctly and identifying the abnormalities in it is important. Having prior practice to the sound will be a plus point for you, as we can do better in things we are familiar with. So, this site will be a friend who will help you in gaining practice in auscultation and learning different cases regarding it. So, practice as much you want and gain your self-confidence and learn for your future practices. This site will always be a friend who will help you in case of learning about heart sounds.

Third Heart Sound Gallop

Fourth Heart Sound Gallop

Third and Fourth Heart Sound Gallop

Summation Gallop at 120 beats per minute

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