Essentials of Human Anatomy by AK Datta

Anatomy can be well understood when it is precisely described with an appropriate diagrammatic illustration and easily described with better medical terminologies. This book, Essentials of Human Anatomy by AK Datta, is one of the most common books among medical and dental students as well because of its great anatomical explanations with well-explained diagrams.

To make the knowledge up-to-date and concise, various editions are published after some changes and reviews. As technology expands, there are also changes happening in the world of medical information. You can also go through the various concepts of this book on any website.

Clinical Aspect

  • It is well understood because of precise diagrammatic explanation with appropriate blood and nerve supply differentiated separately with different colors.
  • Various clinical methods are described to examine the patient clinically.
  • Different diseases are briefly explained related to those anatomical structures.
  • There is also a tabular explanation for various nerve supplies and relations of these anatomical structures.


Let’s dig into the various dynamic features of this book.


All the anatomical details are concise in a very interesting manner for better perception and greater clinical skills improvement.

Clinical expertise:

This book is considered the best among various surgeons too because of its great explanation related to clinical aspects.

Modified versions:

This book also reviewed for time-to-time changes examining in the medical practice. So, this book is also up to date according to recent medical changes.

Changes delivered in the latest edition

There are various changes done in the latest edition of essentials of human anatomy by AK Datta which are quite helpful for better understanding and experience. Here are some of the details of these changes.

  • Up to date clinical information and methodology to examine patients.
  • Diagrams with clear images and explanations.
  • Clinical images of disease related to anatomical areas.
  • A better description of nerve supply with proper colors.
  • Many new topics are added for improved understanding.
  • Clinical importance of the anatomical areas added.

Thus, the latest 10th edition is quite better than the previous editions because of its improved clinical norms and information regarding it. For better understanding, always review the latest edition of the book.

Other major advantages of essentials of human anatomy by AK Datta PDF

There are many other benefits of this book other than the above-described features. Let’s know more detailed features about this book.


As this book is also available in pdf version, you may go through the details of this book at any time or any place. This advancement is quite interesting in this technology era. You don’t have to specify a time and place to review a book. You can review it anytime on your phone or PC.


Talking about its authentication, there is a bundle of medical books available in the market but not every book is quite reliable for great clinical expectations. This book is considered among the best ones for its authentic information and trustworthy clinical importance.

Focused details

As the book is available in four different volumes, it covers more details regarding that region. If it is related to the head and neck, it mostly covers the focused details of your face( frontal, zygomatic, maxillary, and mandible region) and neck (thyroid) region. According to its volume, it covers vast and detailed information regarding that specific region. So you need to pick up the volume according to your choice.

There are four volumes for essentials of human anatomy by AK Datta for focused explanations and gross details.

  • Volume 1 – Thorax, Abdomen, and Pelvis
  • Volume 2 – Head and Neck
  • Volume 3 – Superior and Inferior Extremities
  • Volume 4  – Neuroanatomy

Essentials of human anatomy by AK Datta volume 1 (Thorax, Abdomen, and Pelvis)

This volume 1 encompasses great details about the thoracic cavity, thorax, mediastinum, heart and its related structures, vena cava, aortic supply, pulmonary trunk and its relation, lungs with their pleural cavity, and all detailed features of these structures.

Highlighting the abdominal structures, it offers great details about the anterior abdominal wall, peritoneum, abdominal cavity, and genitalia organs. While talking about the pelvis region, it provides details about the gluteal region and its associated bones.

This book also provides surface markings and radiological anatomy of these structures. These all things make the book more interesting for students and practicing doctors or surgeons.

Book name:Essentials of human anatomy
Author:AK Datta
Volume:1 (Thorax, Abdomen, and Pelvis)

Essentials of human anatomy by AK Datta volume 2 (Head and Neck)

 This volume 2 provides a better understanding of the head and neck region. In the head region, this book describes best the scalp region which actually covers your brain (frontal, temporal, occipital bones ) and also the facial bones like the maxillary, mandible bone.

In the neck region, it talks best about the neck structures like the larynx and pharynx features and many other neck structures. This version is an updated and improved edition for a thorough understanding related to the head and neck region.

Book name:Essentials of human anatomy
Author:AK Datta
Volume:2 (Head and Neck)

Essentials of human anatomy by AK Datta volume 3 (Superior and Inferior Extremities)

This volume 3 is concise about the upper and lower limbs area which provides better information regarding hand, forearm, radius, ulnar bones, and various other bony, muscular relations related to these bones. There are also surface markings and radiological aspects regarding these structures.

About the lower extremities, it extends from the thigh region up to the feet which include femur, tibia, fibula bones, their surface markings, and their detailed radiological features.

Book name:Essentials of human anatomy
Author:AK Datta
Volume:3 ( Essentials of human anatomy by AK Datta volume 3 (Superior and Inferior Extremities) )

Essentials of Human Anatomy by AK Datta volume 4 (Neuroanatomy)

This volume 4 with the latest advancements describes best about the brain and spinal cord which includes ascending and descending tracts, cranial and spinal nerves, their nucleus, diseases associated with these structures, and many other detailed features related to the brain and spinal cord.

Book name:Essentials of human anatomy
Author:AK Datta
Volume:4 (Neuroanatomy)
Book Not Available
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