Essential Midwifery Practice: Intrapartum Care

There is a lot more space to know about intrapartum care. Many women need information regarding childbirth or intrapartum care. These supportive care facilities are part of the midwife’s profession. It is the responsibility of nurses to achieve excellence in all these public care protocols. This book, Essential midwifery practice, provides training to all the midwifery students and midwives to achieve further practice in providing intrapartum care.

This book contains all the important education and supportive care about the intrapartum period. Moreover, this book includes all the complementary therapies that are part of the labor phase.

 In addition, this book highlights basic psychological experiences during this tense phase. In this way, this book is a complete package for students and midwives to deliver intrapartum care with more responsibility.

For the learning purpose

This book is best for undergraduate nursing students and junior midwives. In addition, it offers all the important fundamental theoretical details with emphasis on clinical aspects. Moreover, it induces confidence in junior doctors to gain excellence in clinical settings.

About the author

Denis Walsh (RM, MA, Ph.D.)

  • He trained as a midwife at Leicester, UK.
  • His Ph.D. was on the birth model and is currently appointed as an associate professor in midwifery at, University of Nottingham.
  • He delivers lectures on normal birth internationally, widely published on midwifery issues and normal birth.

Soo Downe ( RM, BSc, Ph.D.)

  • He worked 15 years as a midwife in various clinical, research, and project development roles at Derby City General Hospital.
  • Recently appointed as the Professor of Midwifery Studies at UCLan, where she leads the  Research in Childbirth and Health (ReaCH) group
  • She manages the annual international normal birth research conference series. Her main research focus is the nature and procedure of normal birth.

Characteristic hallmarks of Essential midwifery practice

This latest edition of Essential midwifery practice offers a variety of characteristic features. These features help students to accomplish their basic concepts regarding intrapartum care. Moreover, this book also provides clinical features to junior midwives for their practice. Let’s explore these features.

Care protocols

This book includes a huge detail about intrapartum care and midwifery practice. In addition, this book provides an invaluable guide for midwives. Moreover, this book covers all important aspects that can impact the role of midwifery during labor and childbirth.

Childbirth education

This book guides midwives on how to interact with women suffering from labor. In addition, this book trains midwives on how to educate women about childbirth. Moreover, this book provides fundamental concepts about educating women about childbirth.

Essential therapies

This book trains midwives about complementary therapies for intrapartum care. This book provides essential training about how to treat women with labor. In addition, it provides supportive care for suffering women.

Abnormal aspects

This book ensures every possible care for women. Besides this, it also provides information about normal and abnormal labor pains. In this way, this book helps to differentiate any abnormality during the childbirth period. Moreover, it will help you to plan your treatment for the procedure.

Clinical features delivered in the recent edition of Essential midwifery practice: intrapartum care:

There are several characteristic features that are part of this midwifery textbook. This book provides diverse details related to midwifery practice. In addition, this book covers every normal and abnormal aspect, a huge debate about childbirth education, and many other features. Let’s know about them.

  • Compiled by the key experts of this field for a great experience textbook
  • Offers a detailed and comprehensive examination of the childbirth procedure
  • Evidence-based information, bringing up to date information with the latest research
  • Offers great information about the evolution of current systems about childbirth
  • Essential knowledge about intrapartum care
  • It also provides information about childbirth education and their equality.
  • Provides detailed information about the environment at the time of childbirth
  • Offers skill to work with the women suffering from labor pains
  • Provides clinical-based information about normal and abnormal rhythms
  • Also, focus on the essential therapies regarding childbirth and intrapartum care
  • This book also covers psychological care. As the woman suffers a lot of mental stress during this period, this book also offers psychological care.
  • Available in the form of pdf for easy access on any electronic media platform

Other important features of Essential midwifery practice: intrapartum care

This book provides detailed information about a very fragile childbirth procedure. In addition, it provides every possible care during the intrapartum phase. Moreover, this book trains midwives a lot to perform their duties with great excellence.

There are some other features that will help you to gain more information about intrapartum care and labor.

Citations and references

This book covers a lot of references and citations to help you more about intrapartum care. In addition, this book is an evidence-based edition so it provides references to all those researches. This feature is quite valuable to get access to all that additional information.

Content details of Essential midwifery practice: intrapartum care

This book covers every single aspect of intrapartum care to train midwives about their profession. In addition, this book offers great knowledge about education regarding childbirth. Educating women about childbirth makes things easy to understand. Let’s know about the details of this book.

Chapter 1 – Evolution of current systems of intrapartum care

Chapter 2 – Debates about knowledge and intrapartum care

Chapter 3 – Childbirth education: politics, equality, and relevance

Chapter 4 – Birth environment

Chapter 5 – Labour rhythms

Chapter 6 – Evidence for neonatal transition and the first hour of life

Chapter 7 – Midwifery presence: philosophy, science, and art

Chapter 8 – Skills for working with (the woman in) pain

Chapter 9 – Complementary therapies in labor: a woman-centered approach

Chapter 10 – Midwifery skills for normalizing unusual labors

Chapter 11 – Psychology and labor experience: birth as a peak experience

Chapter 12 – Sexuality in labor and birth: an intimate perspective

Chapter 13 – Spirituality and labor care

Chapter 14 – How midwives should organize to provide intrapartum care

Chapter 15 – Feminism and intrapartum care

Chapter 16 – Toward salutogenic birth in the 21st century

Book name:Essential midwifery practice: intrapartum care
Author name:Denis Walsh Soo Downe
Publisher:Wiley Blackwell


After reviewing this book, you must be able to get all the important details of this book. This book, essential midwifery practice, is essential to practice in midwifery. Moreover, this book is also available in pdf format for easy access to important details.

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