Essential Cardiology

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A brief overview of Essential Cardiology

The title is mainly for healthcare practitioners outside the United States. Experts from England created this book. It covers the fundamental concepts and practices for the general, the vascular, and non-vascular cardiologists in interventional cardiology.

It contains many illustrations, tables, graphs, and charts to make it easy to access the most important data. You can quickly read the entire range of cardiological operations. Fifteen new chapters from foreign experts will be included in this new version. The excellent annex to cardiology intervention research has been revised and is the best clinical practice guide available.

Key Features of essential interventional cardiology pdf

  • Includes US and European publishers and contributors from a genuinely foreign viewpoint.
  • Begin each section with a bulletin of 6-10 key points that sum up essential concepts and refer to a snap in the chapter.

Table of Contents

The total pages in Essential Cardiology are 560, along with 40 chapters and 7 unique sections.

Here is the table of contents:

Section I. Basic Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Procedures and Instruments

  • Chapter 1: History of coronary operation, growth, and current advances
  • Chapter 2: Balloon Dilation Pathology
  • Chapter 3: Percutaneous coronary intervention patient selection
  • Chapter 4: Patient Planning and Work-Up Study before PCI
  • Chapter 5: Percutaneous Coronary Access Vascular Access
  • Chapter 6: Percutaneous coronary intervention adjunctive pharmacotherapy
  • Chapter 7: Stenting intracoronal
  • Chapter 8: Stents for Drug-Eluting
  • Chapter 9: Coronary Heart Disease Intravascular Ultrasound
  • Chapter 10: technology-relation and pressure wire
  • Chapter 11: Arterial Points; closure and aftercare
  • Chapter 12: Percutaneous interference complications
  • Chapter 13: In-stop restenosis

Section II. Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Adjunctive Technology

  • Chapter 14: Lateral Atherectomy
  • Chapter 15: Major Intraluminal thrombus PCI presence
  • Chapter 16: Angioplasty of balloon cutting
  • Chapter 17: Brachytherapy intracoronal
  • Chapter 18: Percutaneous interference with the use of lasers
  • Chapter 19: Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Circulatory Assistance

Section III. Clinical problem and lesion sub-sets for coronary intervention.

  • Chapter 20: Coronary and acute percutaneous infarction of Myocardial
  • Chapter 21: The primary stemming disorder for percutaneous coronary intervention
  • Chapter 22: Complete Occlusion Percutaneous Coronary Interference
  • Chapter 23: Bifurcation Coronary Intervention
  • Chapter 24: Percutaneous procedure for small vessels
  • Chapter 25: Saphenous vintage percutaneous coronary intervention

 Section IV: Non-coronary response: Vascular peripheral interference

  • Chapter 26: Stenting of the Carotid Artery
  • Chapter 27: Renal arterial disease percutaneous treatment
  • Chapter 28: Aortic and Peripheral Artery Disease Percutaneous Treatment
  • Chapter 29: Aorta coarctation
  • Chapter 30: The Venous System Percutaneous Vascular Involvement

Section V: Non-coronary response: non-vascular intervention

  • Chapter 31: Valvuloplasty and repair of Percutaneous Mitral
  • Chapter 32: Involvement of the Aortic Valve
  • Chapter 33: Valvuloplastic pulmonary disease
  • Chapter 34: closing of the Left Appendix
  • Chapter 35: HCM septal replacement
  • Chapter 36: Pericardiotomy balloon
  • Chapter 37: International body recovery
  • Chapter 38: Gene therapy and technology for stem cells

Section VI. Education and recommendations for percutaneous coronary intervention

  • Chapter 39: Heart interference Percutaneous, preparation, and procedure guidance

Section VII. Major Interventional Cardiology Trials Present

  • Chapter 40: Major Interventional Cardiology Trials currently underway 

About the Authors

There are two authors of Essential Cardiology:

1. Michael Norell

Hull, UK Interventional Cardiologist Consultant, PCI Director, is a Cardiology and Cardiac Intervention Consultant, Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals.

2. John Perrins

Affiliations and Expertise

Member of the Yorkshire Heart Centre in the UK. Also a Cardiology Specialist, and Coronary Intervention member.

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