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Being a medical student means learning all the difficult concepts and terminologies. And also forgetting them as you are done with attempting your exam. Well, relax you are not alone in this. We have all been facing this scenario. So what is our savior in this situation? Indeed a good medical dictionary serves to save you in most cases. If you are also undergoing such situations then you must own Dorland Medical Dictionary. This is one of the best and frequently used medical dictionaries.  

You may realize the global medical significance of the Dorland Medical Dictionary by the number of its editions. To date, thirty-three editions have been released for Dorland Medical Dictionary. Does that sound magnificent? For sure, it is the greatest achievement of the Dorland Medical Dictionary to be on the top list among other market-worthy medical competitors.

Therefore, today we have decided to make you understand the fact that why you should have this dictionary with you. So, please keep reading to have further details of the package Dorland Medical Dictionary is having for you.

Trust Associated With the Dorland Medical Dictionary

You will be amazed to learn that Dorland Medical Dictionary is not something recent in the history of medical academic items. This is the oldest and indeed most trusted dictionary. W. A. Newman Dorland authored this masterpiece. And to date, the new editions are available by the name of Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary. It is one of the favorite possession of healthcare professionals.

It has been serving the medical community for more than a century. They have been using for understanding complicated medical terms and terminologies. For this reason, medical and healthcare professionals have been calling it the “Bible” of medical terminologies in the current era of modernization and urbanization.

Another important trust matter associated with Dorland Medical Dictionary is that it is not only for the medical healthcare audiences. But it is also for the professionals in the associated fields. If you are one such person, you will see how much it helps you. Because it will provide you with reference-centered guidelines. Therefore, you can easily use it even if you don’t have a medical background.

33rd Edition of the Dorland Medical Dictionary

Target Audience

Many generations have been deriving benefits from the Dorland Medical Dictionary for comprehending medical terminologies. They have been using it so frequently that now getting an updated version for some years has become integral for each reader.

The readers of the Dorland Medical Dictionary include all healthcare professionals and individuals from other relevant fields. That is why you see the thirty-third edition released by Elsevier with the updated and revised terminologies.

You can call Dorland Medical Dictionary the most comprehensive and immensely cherished medical dictionary in the present age. It is one of the most important academic accessories which you must have. Are you still wondering about the audience of the Dorland Medical Dictionary? Let us help you in this regard! The audience of the Dorland Medical Dictionary include:

  •  Medical writers
  • Attorneys
  • Coders
  • Editors
  • Researchers
  • Transcriptionists
  • Forensic officers

Significant Aspects

All these features will enable you to have a good grip over the medical terminologies. You will be able to enjoy learning during your classes by understanding the complex and newly added terms. The quality of Dorland Medical Dictionary is truly unquestionable. That is why it has stood out among other medical dictionaries. In simple words, we may say, Dorland Medical Dictionary and perfection are synonyms of one another.


Let us now brief you about the salient features of the thirty-third edition of the Dorland Medical Dictionary. They are as following:

  • Dorland Medical Dictionary will help you in the easier and quicker grasping of the medical terminologies by providing you easier meanings. That too the terminologies from the current age. Therefore, you will be able to have a good understanding of the medical terminologies. As a result, you can easily use the advanced-level terminologies wherever you are. Indirectly, you will excel in your profession with Dorland Medical Dictionary.
  • Can you believe Dorland Medical Dictionary is providing you with 125,000 distinct entries? Yes, Dorland Medical Dictionary is doing so. So now there are no worries even if you see any rare medical term. It will be present in your Dorland Medical Dictionary
  • Also, you will enjoy over 1,500 clear and fully colored images in this edition. In addition to this, 50 plates are demonstrating anatomical aspects
  • You can track almost 6,000 newly added terms and those which have been rigorously revised. Also, the number of illustrations are new as well
  • Thanks to the publishers of the book. They are providing almost one year of free access to your Dorland Medical Dictionary. That too for the entire content. Also, you will love the bonus features and 35,000 audio pronunciations
  • The content given in your Dorland Medical Dictionary complies with the current standards of the TerminologiaAnatomica. This is indeed good proof of the quality of Dorland Medical Dictionary among other medical dictionaries
  • If we specifically talk about the newly added illustrations, then they are 500 in number. You can increase your understanding of the newly added words and ideas in the field of medical and health sciences by following Dorland Medical Dictionary

Wrapping Up

We are glad to present Dorland Medical Dictionary for you as an individual in the medical profession and other allied fields. We hope that this medical dictionary description will help you in the easier understanding of the medical terminologies. Therefore, you must keep the soft version of this dictionary on your laptop or phone. So, whenever you have any issue in understanding any term, you can quickly open this Bible of medical terminologies and understand what is bothering you.

We would love to see your response regarding the utilization of the Dorland Medical Dictionary as your prime medical terminologies understanding item. Therefore, don’t forget to share your response with us. Have a good day and thank you for reading Dorland Medical Dictionary’s description. Please keep coming back. Thank you!

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