Deja Review Surgery

In this post, we will be providing you with an overview of Deja Review Surgery and its free download link!

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A Brief Overview of Deja Review Surgery

This book contains “Flashcards in a book” that provides the activity clerkship with a detailed yet succinct analysis. And retention limit for minimum time!

Based on the opinions of residents who are new to medical and USMLE students, such as these special “flashcards” in a book aid them keep track of high-performance facts as soon as possible, and concentrate on what is key to effective shelf-examination and USMLE Stage 2 CK.

Key Features of Deja Review Surgery

  • Firstly, active recall Q&A describes essential clerical success concepts.
  • When the book is completed, clinical descriptions have been provided in a clinical setting.
  • Secondly, keywords and mnemonics help you concentrate on basic concepts that are based on the truth.
  • Thirdly, Over 100 high-quality photographs.
  • Fourthly, Introduces more books on courses and is compatible with unique types of books about reviewing surgery.
  • Lastly, a Digitalized copy available for free download so you can open it from any device!

Table Of Contents

There are twenty-six chapters covered in this book that teach you everything that is necessary for surgery and much more! Make sure to analyze the contents of this book so you know what this book has to offer. Moreover, here is the table of contents of Deja Review Surgery:

Section 1: Oesophagus 

Section 2: The abdomen  

Section 3: small bowel 

Section 4: The colon 

Section 5: Anorectal 

Section 6: Spleen

Section 7: Hernia

Section 8: Liver

Section 9: Bladder 

Section 10: Pancreatic disorder

Section 11: Endocrine

Section 12: Traumatization.

Section 13: Essential Care

Section 14: all Degree burns   

Section 15: Skin, soft tissue, plastic operations, and Wound Healing

Section 16: Breast

Section 17: Pediatric Surgery

Section 18: Vascular Procedure

Section 19: Cardiothoracic surgery

Section 20: Transplants

Section 21: ENT

Section 22: Bariatric Surgery

Section 23: The Urology 

Section 24: Neurochirurgical procedures

Section 25: Orthopedic studies

Section 26: clinical descriptions

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