Current Essentials Orthopedics

Bone study is an interesting subject to understand. It becomes more interesting when all details are organized in a specific pattern. This book, Current essentials orthopedics, offers organized details of physiology and pathology related to bones. It’s the magic of an orthopedic to align the bones in perfect orientation after any trauma.

To be a successful orthopedic surgeon, you must have a strong grip on the medical and surgical management of musculoskeletal disorders. This book, Current essentials orthopedics, covers all important details of orthopedics in an organized pattern. In this way, this book makes the essential details easy to understand and memorize.

From the learning aspects

The hallmark of this book is to provide an essential overview to clinicians that they need to diagnose musculoskeletal disorders. In addition, this book offers ultimate guidance for the proper care of patients with multiple musculoskeletal diseases. Moreover, this book is helpful for orthopedic residents and also for residents of other specialties like family medicine, etc.

About the author:

Harry b. Skinner (MD, Ph.D.)

  • Professor and former chairperson at the department of orthopedic surgery, University of California, Irvine
  • Private practice at St. Jude heritage medical group Fullerton, California

Michael fitzpatricl (MD)

Private practice at mission orthopedic medical associates Mission Viejo, California

Clinical aspects of Current essentials orthopedics

This book, Current essentials orthopedics, possesses multiple clinical features that will help to differentiate multiple musculoskeletal diseases. In addition, this book also helps to improve clinical skills. Moreover, this book also explains patient’s audit and their proper management. Some of these clinical features are below:

Treatment details

This book explains at least one disease per page of the book. It explains all the important information related to diagnosis and treatment. In addition, it offers a further explanation by providing a differential diagnosis. These differential diagnoses help to correlate as well as differentiate from other diseases.

Diseases classification

Every chapter informs about the ICD9-CM classification of different diseases. This classification system helps to summarize all the details related to that disease. In addition, it helps to define the morbidity rate related to any disease. Moreover, this classification system also explains tissue damage extent and their prognosis after treatment.

Differential diagnosis

This book compiles all the associated details of every disease on the same page. This feature helps you to learn all the details at the same time. In addition, this book provides differential diagnoses at the same time. Differential diagnosis means these diseases are somehow related to the described disease.

These differential diagnoses help you to remember all the diseases related to that disease. In addition, this will also help you to remember the difference between these diseases.

References available

This book also provides references for every disease. In this way, this book provides an authentic source of information for postgraduate residents. In addition, this feature will also help you to explore more information related to these diseases.

Pediatric problems

This book also includes a special section for pediatric musculoskeletal disorders. In this way, this book also helps you to manage the diseases of children. The treatment of children differs from the adult, so this book provides extensive details regarding pediatric disease management.

Clinical features delivered in the recent edition of current essentials orthopedics:

There are several quality features in the present edition of current essentials orthopedics. This book provides all information on diseases in an organized pattern. In addition, this book also provides a detailed classification system to understand all the management protocols. Let’s have a look at these features.

  • Details organized in a pattern of essentials of diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment, and pearl
  • There is a reference available for every disease to explore further details.
  • Covers information on diagnosis and treatment for more than 200 most common musculoskeletal diseases and disorders
  • One disease per page with a highlighted bulleted list for easy understanding and learning
  • Provides information related to all procedures extending from adult reconstructive surgery to minor ankle or foot surgery
  • ICD9-CM codes are available to classify all diseases based on morbidity after making a diagnosis for any diseases
  • This book also includes extra information or contraindication of any diseases mentioned under the pearl heading.
  • It also includes management for various syndromes and neoplasms, which need extensive treatment approaches.
  • This book also provides information about any nervous system injury that may lead to any musculoskeletal disorder.
  • Handy tabs that give you point of care answers in an instant
  • A pdf format is available for easy access to the details of the book.

Content detail of current essentials orthopedics

This book covers all the important aspects of musculoskeletal disorders. It explains the treatment plans for every possible musculoskeletal disease or disorder. Moreover, this book also describes the treatment details for compartment syndromes and various bone malignancies.

Besides treatment, this book covers all the possible hints for every disease. In addition, it covers the differential diagnosis and important information related to any disease. Hence, this book is best to cover all fundamental treatment details of various musculoskeletal disorders.

This book is divided into ten basic chapters to highlight all-important disorders related to any skeletal part. Let’s review the details of these chapters.

Chapter 1 – traumatic injuries

Chapter 2 – sports injuries

Chapter 3 – spinal problems

Chapter 4 – neoplasms

Chapter 5 – adult joints problems and reconstruction

Chapter 6 – infections

Chapter 7 – foot problems

Chapter 8 – hand problems

Chapter 9 – pediatric problems

Chapter 10 – rehabilitation

After having a look at the content details, we’ll come to know that this book covers all possible dimensions of musculoskeletal disorder. This book is the best complete package of musculoskeletal disorders for residents.

Book name:Current essentials orthopedics
Author:Harry skinner Michael FitzPatrick
Publisher:McGraw hills professional


If you are in search of a book for orthopedics, this book is an ultimate glance to bedside guide. This book provides all important information related to any musculoskeletal disorder. In addition, this book is also available in pdf format to get access to this textbook at any electronic media platform.

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