Color Atlas of ENT Diagnosis

This book, Color Atlas of ENT Diagnosis, is very beneficial to serve any medical student, junior resident, and primary care physician related to ENT conditions. It explains all the essential disorders of ENT and provides high-quality visual guidance. In addition, it is a pocket-sized book for easy portability and is also user-friendly.

Visual guidance always enhances memory skills to improve learning capability. Some students keep on learning the details but are unable to remember them. This book offers more than 660 high-quality colored photographs with their appropriate keynotes. In this way, this book is best for readers to memorize all fundamental diagnostic concepts for the long term.

From the learning concepts

This book helps medical students, junior residents, and primary care physicians to improve clinical and diagnostic skills. In addition, this book explains details in a comprehensive format with concise visual guidance and explanation of ENT disorders. Moreover, this book also explains information related to examination methods and procedures. This book is one of the best books for ENT related disorders and conditions.

About the author

Tony R. Bull (FRCS)

  • Honorary consultant surgeon at Royal National Throat, Nose, and Ear Hospital, London, UK
  • Honorary senior lecturer at the Institute of laryngology and otology, London, UK
  • Honorary consultant surgeon at the charing cross hospital, London, UK
  •  Consultant surgeon at king Edward VII hospital for officers, London, UK
  • John S Almeyda (FRCS)
  • Consultant ENT surgeon at a west Middlesex university hospital, Isleworth, Middlesex, united kingdom

Clinical features of Color Atlas of ENT diagnosis

This book offers several clinical characteristics to improve diagnosis for different ENT disorders. In addition, this book provides high-quality figures with important points. Moreover, this book also provides information related to these ENT diseases.

Let us have a detailed outlook of this quality textbook.

High-quality illustration

This book serves the prime features of diagnosis by providing high-quality photographs for different diseases. Moreover, it covers all common and uncommon disorders of the ear, nose, and throat.

Concise descriptions

This book also provides a comprehensive description of every photograph. In this way, this book also covers the important details of these diseases necessary to enhance clinical knowledge.

Examination protocols

This book also explains different examination protocols to evaluate the proper function of these structures. It also provides different diagnostic techniques to check the optimum functioning of the ear, nose, and throat.

Clinical changes delivered in the latest (5th) edition of Color Atlas of ENT diagnosis

The latest edition of Color Atlas of ENT diagnosis serves a lot of quality features for convenience. This latest edition provides updates and revised information with improved quality of pictures. Let us dig into the updated features of this book.

  • Written simply and effectively to understand details
  • A pictorial survey of ear, nose, and throat disorders
  • Provides a quick overview for major otolaryngological disorders
  • Excellent photographs with super quality to have minor details
  • Concise descriptions to provide enough details
  • Broad demonstration for Many ENT diseases common in clinical practice
  • Address different exam techniques, imaging, and diagnostic tests for different diseases
  • It also explains the latest topics like facial plastic surgery and pediatric care.
  • Major focus to build a strong diagnosis
  • A succinct, pictorial, and engaging book for readers
  • It is a great book for the emergency room, general practitioners, and medical school libraries.
  • High yield and easy to read
  • An eBook and pdf format is available for the recent edition to get all important details on your mobile phones or laptops.

Content details of Color Atlas of ENT diagnosis

This book, Color Atlas of ENT diagnosis, covers all important diseases related to ENT. In addition, this book is an atlas for better diagnosis of ear, nose, and throat disorders that also explains exam techniques, imaging, and diagnostic tests. Moreover, this book also addresses every critical disorder of the ear, nose, pharynx, larynx, and neck.

The latest edition explains topics like facial plastic surgery, pediatric disorders, and head and neck disorders. In addition, it explains all the necessary details through glossy colorful images and concise descriptions.

This book is divided into five chapters to focus on important details. Let’s go through them.

Chapter 1 – ENT examination

This chapter includes all important details related to the ear, nose, and throat. It includes all examination procedures and methods to assess the proper functioning of these structures. Moreover, this chapter also highlights the examination of sensory as well as motor functions of these structures.

Chapter 2 – the ear

This chapter includes a photographic explanation for the deformities of the ear. It explains all deformities related to the ear and associated structures. Moreover, it also provides information related to the surgical management techniques for these diseases. This chapter also covers the nerve dysfunction disorders with their proper descriptions.

Chapter 3 – the nose

This chapter illustrates the deformities, cysts, adenoids, and polyps related to the nose. It also explains the surgical management for these disorders. Moreover, this chapter also highlights the malignant neoplasms of the nose and the common disorders related to the nose.

Chapter 4 – the pharynx and larynx

This chapter covers the common disorders of the oropharynx, mouth, lips, and tongue. It also explains the infectious diseases and malignancies of these structures with their appropriate surgical protocols.

Chapter 5 – the head and neck

This chapter provides information related to the salivary glands and different swellings of the head and neck. In addition, it also explains the inflammatory and developmental neck swellings.

Book name:Color Atlas of ENT Diagnosis
Author:Tony R. Bull
Publisher:Thieme Stuttgart UK
Book volume:269 pages


This Color Atlas of ENT Diagnosis textbookis best for medical students, residents, and junior practitioners. You will surely appreciate this high-quality book with a very concise and comprehensive guide related to ENT disorders. In addition, this book is sufficient to clear all complex concepts related to ENT conditions and different disorders

This book is also available in pdf format and eBook version. You can easily get access to all these high-quality photographs and descriptions without spending enough bucks. This pdf format is the latest innovation in the era of modern studies.

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