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China reports potentially pandemic Flu Virus

Chinese scientists have recently identified a Flu Virus that has the potential to become another pandemic after COVID-19.

The Flu Virus has just been identified according to the BBC health’s article on the 29th of June. According to Chinese scientists, this virus has emerged and carried by pigs. However, this can infect humans as well.

The scientists also claimed that this flu virus may not be an immediate problem at the time when the world is fighting with Coronavirus. But it needs to be carefully monitored as it has all the hallmarks to become highly infective to humans.

According to scientists, it is a completely new type of flu virus. This is the reason why people are likely to have little or no immunity against the virus. Considering several risk factors, Chinese scientists have written in a journal that there should be the swift implementation of controlling this virus in pigs. They have also written that the swine industry workers should be sensitive towards this case and they should perform close monitoring of the flu

Is this pandemic a threat?

Last time when the world encountered a pandemic Flu was in 2009. This was the swine flu that started in Mexico.

You must be shocked to hear that swine flu was less deadly than what the coming flu virus is feared of. This may also be because most of the elder people of that time had some immunity to it. They had some immunity because of their encounter with several flu viruses that came earlier before.

The recent flu that has been identified by the Chinese scientists is considered similar to the swine flu. But it has some modifications and maybe a bigger threat to humanity than the swine flu.

This is not something to worry at the present as it has not posed a big threat so far. But Chinese professor Kin-Chow Chang and his colleagues claim that it is flu that everybody should keep their eye on.

The flu virus which most of the researchers call as EA H1N1 if infected can grow and multiply in human airways lining cells. We would also like you to know that the current vaccines of flu aren’t found protective against this flu.

Something that we need to worry about this virus is the fact that some workers of the swine industry and abattoirs in China are infected with this flu virus according to BBC.

Professor Kin-Chow Chang also claimed that they are busy with the Coronavirus at present. But he says that we should also keep an eye to these types of new viruses. This is because these are the types of viruses that can be as pandemic as Coronavirus is at present.

Not only Chinese professors, but also professors from Cambridge university warned humans. The Head of Department of Veterinary Medicine of Cambridge University James Wood, warned

us stating that the humans are at constant risk of emergence of new pathogens. He also stated that the farm animals and animals with greater contact with humans may be the sources of these viruses.


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