Cardiac Surgery in the Adult

In this post, we will provide you with a brief overview of the textbook Cardiac Surgery in the Adult and its PDF download link! We hope this brief overview further clarifies what this book has to offer to Medical Students still in training.

Brief Overview of Cardiac Surgery in the Adult

The world’s leading cardiovascular surgeons cover the surgical approach, decision-making, technological and before and following treating the adult cardiac patient extensively in their Cardiac Surgery in the Adult Fifth Edition.

This classical text comprises 63 chapters that highlight each important topic in cardiovascular surgery, which are unparalleled in both scale and clinical rigor.

Presented in full colour, Cardiac Surgery in the Adult provides readers with maximum care of heart and large vessels’ congenital, acquired, infectious, and traumatic diseases.

The book starts with a history of heart surgery and basic heart science, and then progresses into all forms of heart surgery, offering a snapshot of recent surgery procedures for both practitioners and people.

Table of Content

Down below is a table of content of the Cardiac Surgery in the Adult:

Section I: Foundation

Chapter 1. Cardiac Surgical History

Chapter 2. Heart Surgery Summary

Chapter 3. Surgical Physiology of the Heart

Chapter 4. Surgical cardiac medicine

Chapter 5. Pathology Pulmonary

Chapter 6. Adult cardiac surgical patient’s computed tomography: principles and applications

Chapter 7. Risk Assessment and Cardiac Surgical Performance Enhancement

Chapter 8. Cardiac Surgical Simulation

Chapter 9. The Cardiovascular Integration Hub

Section II: Periodical / intraoperative care

Chapter 10. Cardiac Surgery Preoperative Review

Chapter 11. Anesthesia of the heart

Chapter 12. Cardiac Surgical Echocardiography

Chapter 13. Circulation Extracorporal

Chapter 14. Blood protection and transfusion treatment

Chapter 15. Deep Circulatory Hypothermic Capture

Chapter 16. Protection of the myocardial system

Chapter 17. Cardiac Surgery Postoperative Treatment Patients

Chapter 18. Mechanical temporary support for the campaign

Section III: Heart Disease Ischemic

Chapter 19. Percutaneous systems myocardial revascularization

Chapter 20. Myocardial Revascularization with Cardiopulmonary Bypass

Chapter 21. Myocardial Renewal Without Cardiopulmonary Bypass

Chapter 22. Acute Myocardial Infarction Myocardial Revascularization

Chapter 23. Invasive revascularization of the myocardial minimum

Chapter 24. Reoperations in the Coronary Artery

Chapter 25. Myocardial problems, septal defect, myocardial rupture, and left ventricular aneurysm surgical procedure surgical surgery

Section IV: Inflammation of the Aortic Valve

Chapter 26. Aortic Valve Pathophysiology

Chapter 27. Mechanical cardiac valve prosthesis replacement of an aortic valve

Chapter 28. Stented Aortic Valve Substitution Stented

Chapter 29. Aortic Valve Stent less and Root Replacement

Chapter 30. Reparation of aortic valves and activities for aortic valve saving

Chapter 31. Aortic Valve Endocarditis Surgical Procedure

Chapter 32. Aortic Valve Surgery minimally invasive

Chapter 33. Aortic Valve Condition Percutaneous Therapy

Section V: Mitral valve dysfunction

Chapter 34. Mitral Valve Pathophysiology

Chapter 35. Valve Fix Mitral

Chapter 36. Valve Repair Mitral: rheumatic.

Chapter 37. Action to Regurgitate Functional Mitral

Chapter 38. Mitral Valve Endocarditis Surgical Procedure

Chapter 39. Adult Congenital Mitral Valve Repair Mitral Valve Disorder

Chapter 40. Minimal invasive and robot removal surgery and tricuspid valve

Chapter 41. Mitral Valve Replacement of percutaneous catheter

Chapter 42. Replacement of Mitral Valve

Section VI: Disorder of the Valve Heart (Other)

Chapter 43. Valve Disorder Tricuspid

Chapter 44. Valve multiple disorder

Chapter 45. Heart Disease Valvular and Ischemic

Chapter 46. Surgery on the reoperable valve

VII Grand Vessel Surgery

Chapter 47. Dissection of the aortic

Chapter 48. Aortic Aneurysms Ascending and Arch

Chapter 49. Aortic Aneurysms Descent and Thoracoabdominal

Chapter 50. thoracic aortic disease treatment Endovascular treatment

Chapter 51. The Great Vessels’ Trauma

Chapter 52. Embolismus of the pulmonary system and pulmonary thrombosis

VIII Heart Arrhythmia Surgery

Chapter 53. Atrial and ventricular arrhythmia intervention treatment

Chapter 54. Atrial fibrillation surgery

Chapter 55. Pacemakers and automated defibrillators surgical implantation

Section IX: Other Heart Surgeries

Chapter 56. Congenital heart disease surgery for adults

Chapter 57. Pericardial Malfunction

Chapter 58. Neoplasm of the heart

Section X: Mechanical support for the Transplant and the Circulatory Report

Chapter 59. Heart and pulmonary immunobiology

Chapter 60. Transplantation of Heart

Chapter 61. Heart-lung transplant and lung transplant

Chapter 62. Mechanical and Absolute artificial heart help for a long time

Chapter 63. Cardiac Valve Surgery Tissue Engineering


This concludes the table of contents of Cardiac Surgery in the Adult.


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