Cardiac Drug Therapy

Most people rely on pharmacological intervention for various diseases. Patients prefer medicinal management over surgical approaches to cure even aggressive forms of lesions. In addition, these drugs can improve surgical outcomes if appropriately used. This book, Cardiac drug therapy, covers the possible management protocols through various medicines for heart diseases.

This book provides essential guidance for the medical treatment of various cardiovascular diseases. In addition, this book covers all the possible indications and contraindications, controversies, properties, dosage, and potential salutary benefits. Moreover, this book includes additional chapters on endocrine heart diseases, cardiac myopathies, and newer agents for treatment.

For the learning purposes

This book is best for the physicians and residents to keep themselves updated about the latest drug therapies. In addition, this book assists them in opting out of the best medicine for the proper treatment. Moreover, this book covers all the latest topics related to drug therapies for cardiac diseases. In this way, this book is best for clinicians and medicine residents to understand the cardiac therapy details.

About the author:

M. Gabriel Khan (MD, FRCP, FACC):

  1. Graduated MB. BCh with first-class honors at the Queen’s University of Belfast
  2. Also a fellow of the American college of cardiology, the American college of physicians, and the royal college of physicians of London and Canada
  3. cardiologist at the Ottawa hospital
  4. He was also an associate professor of medicine at the University of Ottawa.
  5. Author of several books related to medical and cardiology

Clinical aspects of cardiac drug therapy

This book offers complete details about the therapeutic guidance for different cardiac diseases. In addition, this book guides the trainees as well as consultants to improve their clinical practice. It covers all details about drugs used in cardiac diseases with their potential benefits and side effects.

Questions and answers

This book includes several question answers to engage the reader’s attention. In addition, these questions are the guide to resolving the reader’s queries. Moreover, this book offers comprehensive details about these questions to ensure the understanding of the reader.

Latest improvements

The latest edition covers crucial details about cardiac therapy during pregnancy. It also includes the newer drug therapies for the better outcomes of any treatment. Moreover, it also comprises enhanced features related to the treatment of myopathies and arrhythmias of the heart.

Benefits versus side effects

As this book is related to drug therapy, it covers details about the benefits and drawbacks of the medicines. In addition, it also explains the dosage and therapeutic window of these drugs. These features make it easy to understand the main characteristics of the drugs and their function.

Mechanisms of action

This book provides the mechanism of action for every drug. In this way, this book highlights the function of these drugs on cardiac tissues. Moreover, it explains sufficient details about the drug therapies to treat different kinds of cardiac diseases. In addition, this book also covers the explanation of the drug indications and contraindications for better use of these drugs.

Changes delivered in the latest (8th) edition of cardiac drug therapy

This edition of this book includes updated and revised information related to drug therapy for cardiac diseases. In addition, this book is compiled in such a way to provide ease for the readers. Moreover, this book is reader-friendly to grab all information related to cardiac drug therapy.

Let us review the key features of this latest edition.

  • Written in an effective and understanding way to make the complex details easy to remember
  • Includes summaries and tables for a quick review of the details
  • This book also provides a summary at the start of every chapter under the new concepts heading.
  • Includes indications and contraindications before any drug therapy for cardiac diseases
  • This book also provides dosage considerations for different drugs to show maximum efficacy and efficiency.
  • It also covers the therapeutic benefits and drawbacks of every drug to illustrate details in a better way.
  • This book also includes questions for the reader to evaluate their understanding and enhance learning.
  • This book explains the mechanism of action for every class of drug to understand its function.
  • This latest edition is also available in eBook format and pdf version to make this book available on any electronic media platform.

Content details of cardiac drug therapy

This book, Cardiac drug therapy, covers all the drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. It includes dosage considerations and controversies for every drug class. In addition, this book also explains the mechanism of action for these drugs to understand their action on diseased tissues. Moreover, it also includes tables and boxes for a quick review of the details.

This book is divided into various sections to illustrate the details of drugs used for cardiovascular diseases. Let’s have a look at the main headings of this book.

  • Beta-blockers used for drug therapy and their controversies
  • ACE inhibitors and angiotensin II receptor blockers with their controversies
  • Calcium agonists and controversies
  • Diuretics, antiplatelet agents, anticoagulants, specific thrombin inhibitors
  • Hypertension drugs and controversies
  • Management of angina, myocardial infarction, heart failure, arrhythmias, cardiac arrest, infective endocarditis, dyslipidemias, and controversies
  • Cardiac drugs during pregnancy and lactation
  • Effects of drug interactions
  • Hallmark clinical trials

This book, cardiac drug therapy,  covers all the drug therapies, including the latest ones for these cardiovascular diseases.

Book name:Cardiac drug therapy
Author:M. Gabriel Khan
Publisher:Humana press
Book volume:823 pages


This book is suitable for medical residents and specialists to know about the drug therapies for cardiac diseases. It includes several new topics and features to describe all the details skillfully. In addition, this book covers the features and controversies for every drug to understand its function. Moreover, this book includes dosage considerations for the medicines to show maximum efficacy.

If you are searching for a book on drug therapy for cardiac diseases, this book is among the best books. It includes tables and boxes to summarize all the details for quick review. You can also get access to the pdf format for easy access to the book.

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