Burket’s Oral Medicine

In this post, we overview Burket’s oral medicine PDF with the new edition download link below. So, Before moving to the description of the book. We should know what is oral medicine?. Oral medicine is a field related to dentistry or clinician. Thus, the discipline of the oral health care of the medically complex patients diagnosis and the treatment.

Hence, Burket’s PDF has considered oral health care and has been the principal textbook for the aspects of oral medicine for over seven decades. Also, the book has introduced with its 12th edition that came up with the new features.

Features of Burket’s oral medicine PDF

Some of the salient features of Burket’s oral medicine PDF have given below.

  • This edition of the pioneering text follows the example set by Dr. Burket in the first edition of the text published in 1946.
  • Since the field of oral medicine has expanded from both scope and complexity. So, this book comprises all the text on the advancement of oral health.
  • Besides this, The chapters of Burket PDF present an innovative approach beyond the evaluation and treatment of patients.
  • Correspondingly, It provides intimate cooperation between the medical and dental practitioners in giving the best possible service to the patient.
  •  Hence, different authors have rewritten several chapters of the book.
  • Further, 27 authors of international prominence and expertise have coauthored the PDF.
  • The medical chapters of the new edition get updated to reflect advanced researches.

Contributors of the Burket’s oral medicine PDF

Burket’s Oral medicine PDF had written by an elite group of professionals of the related fields.

Martin S. Greenberg, DDS, FDS RCS

He is the chairman and professor of oral medicine. Further, he is also the dean of the hospital affairs in the School of Dental Medicine and the University of Pennsylvania. Besides all, he is also the chief of oral medicine at the University of Pennsylvania medical center located in Philadelphia.

Michael Glick, DMD, FDS RCS

He is the oral medicine professor in the Arizona school of dentistry and oral health. Further, he is also the dean of the Oral-medicine sciences in the College of Osteopathic Medicine located in Mesa, Arizona.

Jonathan A. Ship, DMD, FDS RCS

He is a professor of oral pathology and radiology, also medicine. He is also director of the Bluestone Center for clinical research in the New York University College of dentistry. Moreover, he is a professor of medicine at New York University school of medicine.

Outline of the content of Burket’s oral medicine PDF

The oral medicine PDF has concisely designed text with precise information related to oral medicine. The book comprises a total of 601 pages. The content of the book arranges with the necessary text needed. Hence, it contains twenty-five chapters on significant knowledge. So, below is the overview of the five chapters given in the PDF.

Introduction to oral medicine and oral diagnosis

Firstly, this is the first chapter of Burket’s oral medicine PDF that starts on page no.1 and ends on page no.16. The chapter contains the evaluation of the dental patient. Moreover, an introduction to the medical history, examination, establishment, and diagnosis of the patient have included in the above chapter. Despite this, it contains the forms needed to fill in the patient diagnosis with their details.


The chapter starts on page no. 17 and ends on page no. 40. This chapter provides an overview of the diseases requiring drug therapies and the outline of drugs used for those conditions. Moreover, it contains 36 tables to aid the readability of the medics.

It contains pharmacological interventions. Some of them are following,

  • Salivary gland disorders
  •  Pain
  •  Oral mucosal lesions
  •  Antibiotic prophylaxis for infective endocarditis
  •  Orthopedic joint replacements, etc

Ulcerative, vesicular, and bullous lesions

This chapter starts from page no. 41 and ends on page no. 75. It also contains more than 50 pictures to illustrate all the topics. It provides information about these topics,

  • The Patient with Acute Multiple Lesions
  •  The Patient with Recurring
  • The Patient with Chronic Multiple Lesions
  •  The Patient with Single Ulcers Traumatic

Red and white lesions of the oral mucosa

This chapter starts with page no. 77 and ends on page no. 106. Furthermore, it contains eight diagrams and 48 pictures that enhance the understandability of the student. Some of the topics included in this chapter have given below,

  • Red and white tissue lesions
  • Infectious diseases
  • Premalignant lesions
  • Immunopathologic diseases
  •  Allergic reactions
  • Toxic reactions
  •  Reactions to mechanical
  •  Other red and white lesions

Pigmented lesions of the oral mucosa

This chapter starts from page no. 107 and ends on page no. 127. Also, this chapter includes 17 illustrated figures and seven tables to aid the learning of the students.

This chapter includes these topics,

  •  Endogenous Pigmentation
  •  Focal Melanocytic Pigmentation
  •  Multifocal/Diffuse Pigmentation
  • Melanosis Associated with systemic or Genetic Disease.
  •  Idiopathic Pigmentation
  • Treatment of Mucocutaneous Melanosis
  •  Depigmentation
  •  Hemoglobin and Iron-Associated Pigmentation
  •  Exogenous Pigmentation Amalgam
  •  Summary

The endpoint on Burket’s oral medicine PDF

After a thorough overview of the oral medicine PDF, we have concluded that this book gets updated. Also met the needs of the medics to provide efficient service to the patients. In a word, it is a masterpiece that is providing excellent service to the students for over seven decades.

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