Atlas of Adult Autopsy: A Guide to Modern Practice

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A Brief Overview of Atlas of Adult Autopsy PDF

Firstly, this atlas guides the reader through the process of an autopsy of adults, with their concise text, large number of macroscopic photographs, and common variations. Moreover, it offers an easy-to-use case exam and current practice manual, radiological and medico-legal autopsies.

This book also includes a guide to how to use autopsy for adults provides a selection of pathological pictures likely to be used in autopsy work. Macroscopic images Organized by caries and organ systems are used for this approach.

Secondly, at the beginning of the book, external realities and controls are explored and covered in-depth in specific organ systems, and cavities. The book concludes with parts on subjects such as forensic autopsy, expert sampling, analyses of toxicology, and radiological autopsy.

Pathologists are targeted at Atlas of Adult Autopsy, especially in education grades. Anatomical technicians and others with a legal interest in autopsy practice may also have an interest in autopsy suites.

Customer Review

This book “was selected as a Highly Commended in Pathology at BMA Medical Book Awards for 2017.”

“The book will appeal to pathologists in training and mortuary technical staff, as the high level of detail makes it a very useful source of easily accessible practical guidance — (BMA Medical Book Awards, September, 2017).”

Table of Contents

Here is the complete table of contents of this book word to word by the author:

“1: Approach to the Autopsy: Purpose and Philosophy

2: Circumstantial and Medical History

3: External Examination: The Preliminary Examination

4: External Examination: Forensic Injuries

5: External Examination: Specific Body Areas

6: Internal Examination: Opening of Body Cavities and Initial Assessment

7: Organ and Tissue Removal

8: Individual Organ Examination

9: Examination of the Head, Skull, Brain, and Spinal Cord

10: Microscopic Examination

11: Postmortem Laboratory, Analysis of Drugs, Chemicals, and


12: Investigating Natural Diseases”

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