ABC of Interventional Cardiology

Interventional cardiology explains different diagnostic procedures and techniques concerning coronary artery diseases, valvular diseases, and different structural diseases. This series of ABC of interventional cardiology illustrates all essential principles to diagnose different diseases of the heart. In addition, this book is full of colorful images and explanations to engage the reader’s attention.

This book is helpful for the readers to understand the complex Concepts related to interventional cardiology. In addition, this book assists readers in the diagnosis of different diseases of the heart and their proper treatment. Moreover, this book is best for clinical purposes to achieve excellence in a clinical setting.

From the learning aspects

This book guides general practitioners, medical students, catheter laboratory staff, and cardiology nurses to improve clinical skills. In addition, this book offers concise details, written in a very illustrative manner with no ambiguities. In this way, this book covers all the fundamental details of interventional cardiology with a proper explanation of diagnosis and treatment.

About the author:

Ever D. Grech

  • He graduated from Bartholomew’s Medical College London and was also a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of London and Edinburgh.
  • He is a consultant cardiologist at south Yorkshire cardiothoracic center, northern general hospital, Sheffield.
  •  He was also an honorary senior clinical lecturer at the University of Sheffield.
  • He published several medical and cardiology journals and was a co-author of a major textbook in interventional cardiology.

Clinical details of ABC of interventional cardiology

This book, ABC of interventional cardiology, covers all the clinical diseases with their proper examples. In addition, this book ensures the best clinical guidance for the readers. This book is user-friendly with concise illustrations. Let’s know more about the features of this book.

Pictorial illustration

This book offers different diagnostic and clinical pictures for a detailed explanation of the details. Moreover, the highlighted content engages the attention of the reader to gain interest.

Clinical approaches

As this book is a practical guide, this book provides clinical information related to different diseases of interventional cardiology. Moreover, this book also offers treatment plans for these diseases.

Pathophysiology and investigation

This book also covers the pathophysiologic details of different heart diseases and coronary artery diseases. This feature is helpful to understand the etiology and manifestation of the diseases. In addition, it also includes investigation protocols for the diagnosis of different diseases.

Changes delivered in the latest (2nd) edition of ABC of interventional cardiology

The second edition of this book offers all revised chapters to update the information related to cardiology. In addition, this handy booklet contains all the important details essential for clinical guidance. Moreover, this book covers multiple pictures related to interventional cardiology for better learning outcomes.

Let’s explore these updated changes in the latest edition of this book.

  • Easy to read with proper practical guidance
  • This book offers a practical guide for non-specialist staff.
  • It explains complex concepts of interventional cardiology simply and concisely.
  • This book also explains different interventions for coronary artery diseases, valvular diseases, and structural heart diseases.
  • It also covers the core knowledge related to the diagnosis and management of different diseases.
  • Improved graphics and quality of images for a better explanation
  • This book includes multiple pictorial data to illustrate the complex details of interventional cardiology.
  • It also includes multiple tables and boxes for quick and easy revision of all important information related to different diseases.
  • This book also provides key evidence and guidelines, New drug protocols, and treatment approaches for heart diseases.
  • After every chapter, there is a section of references for further reading the details related to the chapter.
  • This book also includes a chapter on implantable devices based management for tachyarrhythmias.
  • It also includes a chapter on the diagnosis and management of pediatric cardiology to treat the diseases of children in a better way.
  • This book is also available in pdf format with easy access on different electronic media platforms. You can easily go through the details at any time without even needing a book.

Content details of ABC of interventional cardiology

This book, ABC of interventional cardiology, includes fundamental details related to interventional cardiology. In addition, this book covers all the significant points related to the diagnosis and management of different coronary artery syndromes and other heart diseases. Moreover, this book is sufficient for general practitioners to improve their clinical skills.

This book is divided into various sections to offer focused details related to different diseases. It also explains the pathophysiology of various diseases and their history and development. The main key headings of this book are:

  • Pathophysiology and investigation of coronary artery diseases
  • Percutaneous coronary intervention I: history and development
  • Percutaneous coronary intervention II: The procedure
  • Chronic stable angina: treatment options
  • Acute coronary syndrome: unstable angina and non-ST segment elevation myocardial infarction
  • Acute coronary syndrome: ST segment elevation myocardial infarction
  • Percutaneous coronary intervention: cardiogenic shock
  • Interventional pharmacotherapy
  • Non-coronary percutaneous intervention
  • New developments in percutaneous coronary intervention
  • Percutaneous interventional electrophysiology
  • Implantable devices for treating tachyarrhythmias
  • Interventional pediatric cardiology

This book explains all the above-mentioned topics in separate chapters. In addition, it also includes investigation procedures to diagnose various kinds of heart diseases. Moreover, this book explains all the details with the help of high-quality illustrative pictures and diagrams.

Book name:ABC of interventional cardiology
Author:Ever D. Grech
Publisher:John Wiley and sons
Book volume:51 pages


If you want to improve your clinical skills in cardiology, this book provides practical guidance related to interventional cardiology. Moreover, it explains all the important heart diseases, coronary artery diseases, and valvular diseases with proper investigation and management protocols. In addition, this book also offers several boxes and tables to revise all the details in no time.

This book is a complete package for students, general practitioners, and cardiology nurses for interventional cardiology illustration. It includes several diagnostic and clinical pictures to explain the real-life importance of these diseases in clinical settings. This book is also available in pdf format with appropriate pictures and details for the convenience of readers.

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