A Textbook of Ophthalmology

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A Brief Overview of a Textbook of Ophthalmology by E. Ahmed

The second edition of A Textbook of Ophthalmology pdf Diagnosis has been revised with a new understanding and knowledge of eye diseases.

The following chapters explain the diagnosis of various eye conditions in any part of the eye, beginning with a differentiated diagnosis of ocular symptoms and signs.

The causes, clinical characteristics, investigation, differential diagnosis, and treatment of each disease are discussed in a step-by-step format.

This new edition contains recommendations for further reading and almost 350 full-color clinical images and illustrations for improving education.

Key Features of a Textbook of Ophthalmology

  • New version of the new completely revised ophthalmic diagnostic innovations
  • In each section of the body explains various eye problems
  • Wide section for further reading.
  • Almost 350 full-color pictures and illustrations are included.
  • Original edition published in 2005

Table Of contents

The following is the table of content of a Textbook of Ophthalmology. It contains 57 chapters along with 7 sections. Here it is:




Section I: Anatomy and Embryology

Chapter 1. Anatomy of the Orbit

Chapter 2. Anatomy of the Eyelid

Chapter 3. Anatomy of the Lacrimal Apparatus

Chapter 4. Anatomy of the Conjunctiva

Chapter 5. Anatomy of the Cornea

Chapter 6. Anatomy of the Sclera

Chapter 7. Anatomy of the Uveal Tract

Chapter 8. Anatomy of the Crystalline Lens and Suspensory Ligament

Chapter 9. Anatomy of the Vitreous Humour

Chapter 10. Anatomy Related to Glaucoma

Chapter 11. Anatomy of the Retina

Chapter 12. Anatomy of the Visual Pathways

Chapter 13. Anatomy of Extraocular Muscles of the Eye

Chapter 14. Embryology and Postnatal Development of the Eye

Section II. Ocular Physiology

Chapter 15. The Aqueous Humour

Chapter 16. The Intraocular Pressure

Chapter 17. Ornlar Pirfiilafirms

Chapter 18. Physiology of the Cornea

Chapter 19. Physiology of the Crystalline Lens

Chapter 20. Physiology of the Vitreous Humour and Retina

Chapter 21. Accommodation

Chapter 22. Convergence

Chapter 23 Binocular Vision

Chapter 24. The Reactions of Light on the Eve

Chapter 21 Colour Vision

Chapter 26. Visual Sensation and Adaptation

Chapter 27. Neurology of Vision

Section III. Microbiology

Chapter 28. Bacterial Infections

Chapter 29. Viral and Chlamydial Infections

Chapter 30. Mycotic and Parasitic Infections

Section IV.  Vision therapy, optical deficiency, and eye test

Chapter 31. Ocular Therapeutics

Chapter 32. Optics and Refractions

Chapter 33. The Examination of the Eyes

Section V. Ocular and systemic disease eyesight conditions

Chapter 34. Diseases of the Orbit

Chapter 35. Diseases of Eyelids

Chapter 36. Diseases of the Lacrimal Apparatus

Chapter 37. Diseases of the Conjunctiva

Chapter 38. Diseases of the Cornea

Chapter 39. Diseases of the Sclera

Chapter 40. Diseases of the Uveal Tract

Chapter 41. Pupillary Disorders

Chapter 42. Diseases of the Crystalline Lens

Chapter 43. Diseases of the Vitreous

Chapter 44. Glaucoma

Chapter 45. Diseases of the Retina

Chapter 46. Diseases of the Visual Pathways

Chapter 47. Strabismus

Chapter 48. Ocular Manifestations of Systemic Diseases

Chapter 49. Tumors

Chapter 50. Ocular Injuries

Section VI.  Surgical Procedures

Chapter 51. Ophthalmic Surgery

Section VII. Miscellaneous Aspects

Chapter 52. Genetics and Paediatric Ophthalmology

Chapter 53. Immunology Related to Ocular Disorders

Chapter 54. Prevention and Rehabilitation of Blindness

Chapter 55. Eye Hygiene

Chapter 56. Modem Advances in Ophthalmology

Chapter 57. Syndromes in Ophthalmology

Appendix I: Topical preparations form

Appendix II: Ophthalmic devices



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