A History of Surgical Paediatrics

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A Brief Overview of a History of Surgical Paediatrics pdf

Firstly, this volume offers a detailed review of the global advancement of pediatric surgeries. In addition to this, biographical reports of key individuals, many of whom are now household names, who have established the relatively new sector, are presented.

Many contributors have played a major role in the growth of surgical pediatrics and have a strong global impact on the management of children needing surgical treatment in their countries. This book not only shines a light on the past accomplishments of previous generation pediatric surgeons but is also a blueprint for inspiring future generations to do the same.

Table of contents

A Section: International Club of History

B Section: Surgical paediatrics growth in countries

C Section: Biographies (handpicked)  

D Section: Journal and Relations – Associations

E Section: Journals and Associations – Journals

F Section: Surgical Care for paediatrics

About the Authors

Robert Carachi 

Robert Carachi, M.D., Ph.D., FRCS (Glas), FRCS (Eng), FEBPS, has been Professor of Surgical Pediatricians at the University of Glasgow and Head of the Surgical Pediatrics Division/Department of the Royal Hospital for Sick Kids (Glasgow) since 1987.

Dr. Carachi holds several other positions including the Chairman of the Scottish Steering Committee and the Clinical Lead of Paediatric Telemedicine. He is a chief editor of the Scottish Medical Journal. Moreover, he is an adviser to the Journal of Paediatric Surgery and a publisher of the European Journals of Pediatric Surgery. He is a member of the editorial board.

Professor Cenk Büyükünal

Cenk Büyükünal, an M.D. Scholar. He served in the United States and England previously as a doctor. A total of 202 papers have been published by him, including 75 in foreign newspapers and 127 in Turkish journals. He attended approximately 500 national and foreign congresses where he delivered numerous articles. He was the author of 15 books and chapters. Dr. Büyükünal is awarded 8 prestigious international prizes (4 of them).

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