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A 19-year-old mom and her son died after she delayed her cancer treatment

A 19-year-old mom died from leukemia just months after losing her newborn son after she delayed her cancer treatments to deliver him which she delivered her by C-section.

Brianna Rawlings. Of Sidney, Austrilia, spent just 12 days with her baby boy, kyden, before he died after being born at just 26 weeks in september according to GFFUNDME page set up for the family. Rawlings was diagnosed with leukemia and decided to delay intense chemotherapy treatments in an attempt to carry kyen safely to term.

Without hesitation, {Rawlings} chooses halve her own chances of survival in order to give her son a fighting chance with as much time as possible – womb side, “friends and family wrote on the page.

“For 12 whole days in this beautiful little miracle graced mom and dad with presence. {Twelve) short but magical and treasured days, before tragically; growing his angel wings and leaving such devasted and unbroken parents behind.”

Photos of the deliver showed Rawlings holding the tiny little boy his in hand and smiling. She celebrated the birth in a Facebook post writing, “Nothing makes me happier than watching my son grow bigger and stronger!”

In the months following kyden’s death. Rawling underwent “heavy” chemotherapy and radiation therapy as well as a cell transplant. But, ultimately, the treatment failed to keep her alive.

On Dec 29, Rawlings died. “Our beautiful and loveable Brianna reached the end of her journey with us here on earth and was finally reunited with her baby bear Kyden, “the family wrote in an update on the page.

“We are absolutely broken, but at the same time of peace knowing she is no longer in pain, no longer in pieces no longer in sorrow and unsure of what news was to come next.”

Rawlings has been just 17 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with the deadly blood cancer, according to The Epoch Times. She contracted an infection that could have passed to the baby during pregnancy, so she gave birth three months early via C-section. Although her health seemed to be improving at one point, Rawlings died just after turning 19, the publication reported.

Rawlings’ sister, Kourt Rawlings; shared update about her sister on Facebook. Just days before she gave birth to her little prince, Rawlings vowed to keep struggling for her little one.

“I have been fighting NK cell Leukaemia, whilst growing a little human inside me “Rawlings said in a statement which was shared on the kourt’s facebook page.

“I will continue to fight not only for myself, but for my ever growing baby boy who has given me the strength and energy I’ve needed to fight this.”


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