Phillips’ Science of Dental Materials

Are you a dentist or a dentist student? It would be best if you were here to find a good book of dental materials. So, we are here to help you in this regard. Phillips’ Science of Dental Materials is famous in the field of dentistry for years. It is because it has covered everything that a dentist or dental should know. That too in a comprehensive manner.

The first two editors of this book were Dr. Eugene W. Skinner (1896–1966) and Dr. Ralph W. Phillips (1918–1991). So, the history of this book is quite rich. We see the first edition dating back to 1936. Over time, we see different editions released. For example, we found the fifth edition released in 1960.

However, as a dentist or student, you must be interested in the lasted versions of this book. So, please keep reading as we go into the details you want to read. So, the book kept helping students after the death of Dr. Philips and Dr. Skinner. Thanks to the people who worked day and night in giving us this book.

Dr. Phillips and Science of Dental Materials

Isn’t that amazing that a book released in 1936 is still beneficial and available in markets in edited form? Indeed it shows the remarkable history and content of Phillips’ Science of Dental Materials. The credit of this book goes to Dr. Skinner and Dr. Phillips. Dr. Phillips had served in the field of dental materials science for five decades. Yes, this is so astonishing. So, he is one of the foremost leaders of this field on a global scale.

The contribution of Dr. Phillips in the field of dental materials science is indeed exceptional. He was the one to investigate the difference between laboratory testing and clinical practice.  Dr. Phillips also studied the effect of fluoride on the enamel of the tooth.

In terms of academia, Dr. Phillips produced over 300 scientific papers. You can find his valuable books, conference, symposia, and conferences. All of these reflect his greatness in the field of dental materials science.

Phillips’ Science of Dental Materials | Outstanding History

If we go a few decades back, we see the 10th edition of Phillips’ Science of Dental Materials published in 1996. Dr. Kenneth J. Anusavice authored this book and was an original from the University of Michigan, U.S. However, we had the digitized book on 18th July 2008.

Drs. Anusavice, Rawls, and Shen contributed to the eleventh and twelfth editions of this book. The contributors in all editions have done a superb job. They added essential things and practices with the passing age. They have revised and updated the text. Also, they did rewriting. So, you will see a remarkable improvement with each recent edition.

All of these editions have a particular focus on the clinical use of dental materials science. Also, they have closely described the different properties of these materials. In either edition, you will quickly understand the concepts and will be available to remember them.

13th Edition of Phillips’ Science of Dental Materials | Your Book in 2021

Are you wondering which version to study from in 2021 when you have a pool of editions? Nothing to worry about as we got you. We have a piece of good news for you. You will be glad to see that we have the thirteenth edition of Phillips’ Science of Dental Materials. Elsevier will officially publish it on 6th August 2021. The editors of this book are Chiayi Shen H. Ralph Rawls Josephine Esquivel-Upshaw. Here you go with the best book of dental material science in 2021.

The publisher of the thirteenth edition of Phillips’ Science of Dental Materials is Elsevier. Elsevier is known for its name in good quality updated knowledge publications. So, are you looking for some more details about this latest version? Please keep reading as we brief you in a simple way.

Brief Account

The thirteenth edition of Phillips’ Science of Dental Materials is the latest version you can grab. The field of dental material science is evolving. Each day we see new concepts and technologies becoming part of it. This edition is good because it is up-to-date. It is a complete package of materials. It covers all procedures. Either they are cosmetic and restorative.

So, now you will have a great time studying different materials of dentistry. You will gain information about their properties. These properties are both chemical and physical. Such knowledge will enable you to select the best type of dental biomaterials. The team of Chiayi Shen and H. Ralph Rawls Josephine Esquivel-Upshaw wrote a good quality book. Among them, Shen and Rawls are dental scientists, while Upshaw is a prosthodontist.

Therefore, the material in this book is of good quality. You will be able to make a proper selection of materials through it. With the Thirteenth edition of Phillips’ Science of Dental Materials, we assure you will do high-quality restorations. It is suitable for your dental lab work and a dental student and wants to learn.

What’s new?

So, when you select the thirteenth edition, you may ask, why this new edition? Let us give you a piece of good news. The thirteenth edition of Phillips’ Science of Dental Materials is a complete package. Why? Because it has added three new chapters. Are you looking for something more? Then we are glad to mention that this edition has new photographs. These are all unique and colored photos. So have fun while you study from the thirteenth edition of Phillips’ Science of Dental Materials!

Have you previously studied the older editions of this book? Then you might want to know what the additional chapters are. So, we won’t make you wait for it. The newly added chapters are:

  • Digital Technology in Dentistry
  • In Vitro Research of Dental Materials
  • Clinical Research of Restorations

Salient Features

The thirteenth edition of Phillips’ Science of Dental Materials covers all the knowledge you should know. We are glad to inform you of these features in a brief way.

  • Appreciable Team: The team of this edition diverse and expert in this field. So this edition is credible in the field of dental materials science.
  • Practical Approach: This edition is good for learning as well those who are practicing. It ranges from experienced dentists to lab technicians.
  • Biological Suitability: Major aim of the book is biocompatibility. So, now you don’t have to search for biocompatible materials separately.
  • Good Organization of Chapters: The editors have arranged the books in a good way. It is easier for you to learn and understand. You will see different units on each topic.
  • Key terms: They will give you a good understanding of the terminologies.
  • Your Colorful Book: Do you love colorful images in your book? So, here you are. This edition has 500 full-color diagrams for you.


In terms of content, the thirteenth edition of Phillips’ Science of Dental Materials is a whole set. It has a total of five parts. There are four chapters under each piece. So it makes a total of twenty chapters. To be more specific, these parts are

  • Part I: Part I has discussed the basic and general categories of the dental materials. Also, the authors have written about the properties of these materials.
  • Part II: Authors have covered different chapters in part II. They are about direct restorative materials
  • Part III: Authors have not ignored the indirect restorative materials. They have covered it in part III.
  • Part IV: This part deals with the fabrication of prostheses
  • Part V: The chapters of this part are related to the assessment of the dental restorations

Wrapping Up

Based on the book description, we highly recommend Phillips’ Science of Dental Materials. Phillips’ Science of Dental Materials is beneficial for you whether you are a dentist or dental student. We hope you will enjoy studying at it.

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