100 Cases in Paediatrics

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A Brief Overview of 100 Cases in Paediatrics pdf

The 100 case series offers a new method for learning and analysis. The reader, directed in a highly organized way by each clinical case. Each scenario gives specifics of the medical history of the patient and the clinical assessment main findings, along with initial evaluation results.

The reader must evaluate the patient, decide on its condition and future treatment schedule, and the answers indicate, under some conditions, how a clinician proceeds in different conditions.

This volume; structured to help the student learn self-directedness, clinical thinking, and the solution of problems.

100 Pediatric reports cover Breathing system; cardiological; diabetes and endocrine; gastroenterology; infection; dermatology; oncology; bones and joint; neurology; psychology for infantile and young people; neonatology; and many others such as neuroticism and other diseases.

A Customers Review

“I find the 100 cases series very useful for revising for exams at medical school. For each case, a summary of the history, examination and (if appropriate) investigations are given on one page, with a discussion of the case on the following page.

A new edition of the paediatrics book is due to be released in 2017. This new edition will hopefully correct some of the information which appeared slightly out of date. If you plan on revising from this edition, I would suggest particularly looking up the guidelines for management for some of the cases.

Overall this is a comprehensive selection of cases covering many of the essential presentations and conditions that may come up in medical school exams. However, further reading of more in-depth textbooks would be essential to complement these cases. The series could be further improved by suggesting additional reading material at the end of each case.” –Catherine from the United Kingdom

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