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Why should you see a female urologist right away?

In most cases, urology covers issues that are specific to men. This medical area includes affections associated with both the female and male urinary tract system. Women find it confusing whether to see an obstetrician/gynecologist or a urologist for such affections. Both medical areas are equally important for a woman’s health. 

It’s paramount to distinguish between the matters covered by each field. For genitourinary conditions, ladies should always opt for a urologist. For issues associated with the female reproductive system, women could see a urologist. Below you will find a few reasons why seeing a urologist is compulsory: 

It can prevent severe urology medical conditions

Seeing a urologist can keep you away from developing medical affections associated of the urinary tract. Some of these affections are difficult to notice, worsening if left untreated. Your OB/GYN can also send you to a female urologist if some aspects seem off. The most common yet preventable urology conditions include: 

  • UTIs (urinary tract infections)
  • Ureteral stones
  • Kidney diseases 
  • Peyronie’s disease 
  • Cystitis 
  • Cryptorchidism 

The older you get, the more recommended it is to see a urologist regularly. UTIs can lead to many uncomfortable side effects and complications. It’s essential to discover these infections early and treat them before they get out of control. If ignored, they can lead to problems that will threaten your quality of life. Older women often struggle with urinal urgency or leakage, and that can interfere with their daily routines. 

Discovering medical affections associated with urinary tract symptoms 

Not all urinary tract symptoms are caused by urology medical conditions. This is why women are mistaken when choosing between an OB/GYN and a female urologist. Some STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) can cause unpleasant urinary tract symptoms. Feeling pain or a burning sensation while urinating is a common symptom for both STDs and UTIs. 

These problems are common and, in most situations, easy to treat. The good news is that, regardless of the type of physician you’ll see, they’ll point you in the right direction. If your urinary tract symptoms are accompanied by one of the symptoms listed below, you should see an OB/GYN. 

  • Intercourse discomfort 
  • Blisters or rashes in the genital area
  • Fever 
  • Spotting between periods 

If you encounter one or more of these symptoms instead, you should see a urologist

  • Pain while urinating
  • Frequent need to urinate
  • Difficulty in controlling urination
  • Blood present in the urine (hematuria)
  • Lower back pain 
  • Bladder protrusion 

Getting an appointment with a female urologist is a crucial aspect in maintaining a good health. Whenever you plan to see your OB/GYN, try to make an appointment for a full urology consult. Seeing a female urologist from Gousse Urology Aventura/Miami clinic consistently will help you keep track of your medical history’s symptoms or affections. In case you suffer from any of the following, it would be advised to visit your urologist more often:

  • Bladder/kidney masses
  • Severe hematuria
  • Pregnancy 
  • Post-pregnancy incontinence 
  • Pelvic prolapse
  • Chronic UTI
  • Pelvic floor dysfunctions

Accessibility is not a barrier in making an appointment either. Even if it seems like female urologists are rare, it’s a normal sub-specialty of urology. You can get a recommendation from your OB/GYN or search for a urologist yourself. No matter if you live in Miami, Broward, or Palm Beach county, you can find a urologist in most medical clinics. Make sure to plan a complete medical check-up every year. This way, you’ll avoid the negative side effects of urinary tract diseases.

Gousse Urology, renowned throughout the U.S. for its exemplary treatment of urology conditions, is opening a new clinic in Aventura, a suburban city in northeastern Miami-Dade County, Florida. The clinic provides world-class bladder health care, reconstructive technology, and medical treatment for complex urology conditions. The Aventura facility uses state-of-the-art equipment and provides concierge services at affordable rates.

Gousse Urology is headed by Dr. Angelo Gousse, a pioneering urology specialist whose scientific contributions led to the first FDA approval of the use of Botox for urology. He has more than 25 years of experience in bladder health and reconstructive urology and broad expertise in artificial urinary sphincter implants, penile prosthesis implants, urethral reconstruction, overactive bladder treatment, pelvic organ prolapse repairs, urinary tract reconstruction, enlarged prostate treatment, and stress urinary incontinence treatment. He is one of the best-regarded bladder health physicians in America. 

The new facility is great news for anyone in Aventura who’s looking for a reliable and competent urology clinic in the area. 

“I was able to get an emergency same-day appointment to treat a bad urinary tract infection due to my leak and incontinence,” says Victor Belved, a patient of Dr. Gousse. “I called several offices and was told that they would see me in three months. I give Dr. Gousse full marks because he helped me when I needed it the most.” 

About Gousse Urology 

Gousse Urology has offices in Miramar and West Palm Beach, but given the institute’s impeccable reputation and growing demands in Aventura, the institute decided to expand to cater to this area as well. The clinic treats various male and female urology conditions and provides reconstructive surgeries (including botox treatment) for bladder control, urodynamic testing, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), and Axonics Sacral Nerve Modulation for Bladder Control, among others. 

The Gousse Urology Miami institute also provides evidence-based treatment of male and female urology conditions. The latter include chronic urinary tract infections, urinary fistula, and incontinence. Advanced treatments for a wide range of male conditions such as botox for bladder control, artificial urinary sphincter implant among a host of others are also offered here. 

Contacting a local urologist to evaluate your urologic conditions will be your best move to prevent worsening health issues. Patients who see doctors at the earliest signs of health issues have a higher chance of recovery than those who wait until it is too late. To Conclude, always see the help a doctor as early as possible.


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