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The Health Benefits Of Becoming A VTuber

If you’ve seen anime-style characters on platforms like Twitch and YouTube, playing video games and interacting with their chat. Then you’ve likely stumbled across a VTuber before. VTubers are virtual YouTubers which essentially means they use animated avatars controlled by motion tracking to create an online persona much like a real-life YouTuber. The ability to control the avatars to mimic the movements and speech of the creator behind the camera in real-time makes it so much more lifelike and is one of the main reasons why viewers love them.

VTubers are shaping up to be the future of online entertainment and it’s estimated that by 2026 that they will outnumber real-life YouTubers. This is because the barrier to entry is lower nowadays thanks to VTuber maker software and streaming equipment becoming more available to the public. Independent VTubers are popping up all over the place as people believe there are so many more benefits to being a VTuber in the world of content creation.

Hence in today’s article, we are going to go over the top health benefits that come with being a VTuber.

How Do You Become A VTuber?

In order to become a VTuber you will need a VTuber model to start off. A VTuber model is the avatar that the creator will control and be displayed on screen for the duration of the live stream or video. This virtual avatar is essentially their online identity that fans will see, so VTubers make sure that they get it right when it comes to designing it.

Creating a VTuber model is hard work as it requires graphic design experience and niche skills like animation and rigging. This is why most VTubers invest in hiring a professional artist to commission their VTubers, as opposed to creating one themselves. 

VTuber model commissions are commonplace now as artists are willing to work closely alongside their clients to produce a fully functional VTuber model in line with their requirements. 

Almost all mainstream VTubers credit the artists of their VTuber models as they essentially have them to thank for making them who they are!

Health Benefits Of VTubing

So many popular streamers are dabbling or giving their opinions on VTubers lately and it’s looking overwhelmingly positive. Pokimane one of the biggest streamers on Twitch made a debut stream as a VTuber to play Among Us. She received mixed reactions from her fans but a lot of love from the VTuber community. 

Without any further ado, let’s get into the health benefits of becoming a VTuber.

Boosts Self Esteem

Becoming a VTuber has been known to boost the creator’s self-esteem. Everyone knows that posting yourself to face the harsh anonymous criticisms of the internet can be a scary thought. However, becoming a VTuber makes it so that you never have to show your face. The vast majority of mainstream VTubers have never shown their face yet receive the same level of love and adoration as normal YouTubers. 

Having cool interactions with fans who love your content while still keeping your identity a secret, is ideal for many people who are shy or suffer from anxiety. The positive praise from fans can work wonders for your self-esteem especially if you’re working hard on making your VTuber content.

Builds Confidence

Being a VTuber also builds confidence for those who are a little apprehensive about being on camera. Having your face hidden increases your freedom for self-expression as you don’t have to worry much about the judgment of others watching. Real-life streamers like DrDisrespect take on a persona of their own so that they can be more animated characters than they are in real life. The same applies to VTubers. You can be whoever you want!

VTuber’s personas are often exaggerations of many different aspects of their real personality. Being accepted for this really helps to boost VTubers’ confidence behind the scenes, so much so that many of them go on to do face reveals.

Increases Motivation

Finally, VTubing helps to increase motivation and work towards a goal. Most VTubers are avid gamers and mainly produce gaming-related content. Let’s plays, walkthroughs and tutorials, that kind of stuff. Most people who have a passion for gaming struggle to monetize their hobby. Gamers are typically limited to going pro or becoming content creators. However, these are both extremely saturated and competitive niches. 

Becoming a VTuber offers a new niche for content creation that gamers can monetize. With this new opportunity, more gamers than ever are getting motivated and putting in the hours of work to create good gaming content knowing that great results can be on the horizon. If you play video games as a VTuber you are far more likely to be discovered compared to simply playing as yourself.

The VTuber community is extremely loyal and generous which is why it has led to VTubers dominating the most Super Chatted channels on YouTube. The top four Super Chatted channels on YouTube are Rushia Ch, Coco Ch, Pekora Ch and Marine Ch who have received over $9.2 million collectively in donations. If money, fame, and freedom of expression don’t motivate people then what will?!
In summary, the stresses of becoming a content creator can often put people off pursuing it. However, the many benefits of the new niche of VTubing have led to a boom. With the VTuber talent agencies recruiting up-and-coming talent and new independent VTubers blowing up on the internet, now is probably the best time to get involved.


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