The Essentials of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology by Narayan Reddy

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Key Features

Here are a few key features of forensic medicine and toxicology reddy pdf

  • Firstly, from physician cases, this book has been properly updated and revised.
  • Secondly, India-related guidance for current teachings on forensic medicine.
  • Thirdly, the presentation is concisely, quickly understood, and streamlined.
  • Fourthly, diagrams, photos, tables and essential points for a deeper comprehension of students are profusely illustrated.
  • Fifthly, materials are important to fulfill the need for medical officers’ such as forensic ballistics, geographic wounds, surgical and anesthetic deaths, and fingerprint DNA, and bloodstains.
  • Also, an attempt was made to prevent photographs from recognizing diseases.
  • Moreover, a variety of new subjects have been introduced, including the protocol to be followed in the care of medicolegal cases.
  • In addition, the smaller form of text is intended for medical officers, doctors, legal professionals, and other law enforcement officials.
  • And finally, it is a necessity for medical students, postgraduate students, medical teachers, and lawyers.

About the Author

Secondly, The author of important forensic and toxicological medicines, S Narayan reddy has been a professor of forensics for over 50 years. Moreover, The International University of Contemporary Studies in Washington DC has awarded him with his Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine, to provide fair coverage for the entire subject.

Also, the views in this book are all his original thoughts and ideas. Thirdly, It is mainly designed to assist medical graduates who have already overwhelmed themselves with a heavy load of the curriculum and to get a good understanding of this subject and for exams. forensic medicine and toxicology reddy pdf are truly a must-have.

Feature of The Essentials of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology by Narayan Reddy

Section I: forensic Medicine

1. Introduction
2. legal policy 
3. Health and ethical laws
4. Identifying diseases
5. Autopsy for Medication
6. The causes of death
7. Changes in postmortem
8. Injuries (mechanical)  
9. Injuries (regional)   
10.  Medico-legal wound aspects
11. Thermal  fatalities
12.  Starvation  
13. Asphyxia (Mechanical)
14. Deaths related to anesthesia and surgery
15. Sterility and impotence
16. Virginity, childbirth, and pregnancy  
17.   Abortions
18. Sexual crimes 
19. Deaths of infants
20. Stains of blood
21. Ancient artifacts
22. Laboratory of forensics 
23. Section in forensic of mental illnesses

Section II: toxicology

24. General considerations 
25. Farming poisons
26. Poisons (corrosive)
27. The poisons of metal.
28. Inorganic poisons that are unpleasant
29. Bio-irritating poisons
30. Depressants of CNS
31. Psychotropic Medicines
32. Deliriant poisons
33. Drug misuse and neglect
34. Poisons of the Spine
35. Heart poisoning
36. Asphyxiants  
37. Unique poisons  
38. Food toxicity

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