Textbook of Biochemistry for Medical Students

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Brief Overview of the Textbook of Biochemistry

David L. Nelson (born in 1956) is an American human geneticist, now associate head of the IDRC (1995).

Since 1999 professor at the Molecular and Human Genetics Departments of the Medical School of Baylor BCM. From 2018 on, he has been the Ph. D Director of Cancer and Cell Biology and since 2015 has been the Director of Integrative Molecular and Biomedical Sciences at BMC.

Key features of the Textbook of Biochemistry:

  • The latest version offers a thorough update and the full biochemistry guide for students.
  • Free study book and free online access exercises booklet
  • Almost 1500 pictures, tableaux, and diagrams are highly illustrated.
  • The edition of 2010 was previously released.

About the Author

Professor Damodaran M Vasudevan was Dean of the Amrita College of Medicine and the head of the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Kochi, India.

After retiring on 31 December 1999, he was still head of PG programs and studies, at the Amrita Institute for Medical Science and Study in Kochi. He is the author of this magnificent textbook of Biochemistry.

After graduating with his bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery in 1971, his MD was awarded from All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences. He then entered the Pathologists’ Royal University in 1994. He’s been an organ in allergy and immunology, has focused heavily on cancer.

He was the head of the College of Public Medicine Thrissur. In 2000, after his retirement, he joined the Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, and Sikkim Manipal Institute for Medical Sciences as Dean. Since 2002 he has been in his current position.

In 1992 Vasudevan, elected fellow of the National Academy of Medicine for excellence in the medical profession.

His students will lovingly remember Dr Vasudevan, as a committed biochemistry teacher, guide, and scholar. The textbook on Biochemistry for Medical Studies was published in 1995 in eight years, in 2016, and mid-2019.

It published the first edition. Today’s book is world popular. The Spanish and Slovak editions were already printed. The textbook is widely distributed in 23 countries worldwide.

Dr. Vasudevan also writes paramedics, dentists’ textbooks. He directed 30 students for his doctoral dissertation. In scientific journals reviewed by pairs over 230 papers were also written.

Table of Contents

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  • Acknowledgements


Chapter 1. Structure of the Eukaryotic Cell

Chapter 2. DNA and RNA: Structure and composition

Chapter 3. Proteins I: Structure and composition

Section II: Knowledge TRANSMISSION.

Chapter 4. Replication and maintenance of the DNA

Chapter 5. RNA: Retrieval of transcripts and RNA

Chapter 6. Protein Synthesis: Translation and post-translation

Chapter 7. Biotechnology Recombinant DNA

Chapter 8. Gene Expression Regulation

Chapter 9. Protein II: Protein families’ structure-function relationships

Chapter 10. Classification, kinetics, and regulation of enzymes

Chapter 11. P450 cytochromes and syntheses of nitric oxide

Chapter 12. Structure, recipient, and solute transport of biological membranes

Chapter 13. Signal Transduction Basics

Chapter 14. The bioenergy, mitochondria, and metabolism of oxidative

Chapter 15. Carbohydrocarbon I: Major and regulating metabolic pathways

Chapter 16. Special pathways and glycoconjugates Carbohydrate metabolism

Chapter 17. Metabolism Lipid I: Fatty acids and triacylglycerols synthesis, storage, and utilization

Chapter 18. Lipid Metabolism II: pathways of special lipid metabolism

Chapter 19. Metabolism of amino acid and Hema

Chapter 20. Metabolism of Purine and Pyrimidine

Chapter 21. Metabolic interconnections

Chapter 22. Hormones Biochemistry

Chapter 23. Cell Biology Molecular

Chapter 24. Cell Cycle, Cell Death and Cancer Programmed

Chapter 25. Basic dietary constituents digestion and absorption

Chapter 26. Functional requirements for vitamins and minerals

Chapter 27. Macronutrients: Metabolism and health implications

Annex: Organic Chemistry Review



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