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In this post, we will provide you with a small overview of Surgical Recall and its download link! We hope medical and surgical students find this free download link useful.

Brief Overview of Surgical Recall PDF

The surgical recall is a high-yield benchmark that encompasses both general procedures and operating subspecialties. It is a lightweight, portable guide that correctly and efficiently addresses questions/topics often checked in board examinations. Surgical Remembering PDF

Surgical Recall is a common reference book for students who are not aware of its vast area of expertise.

Key features of Surgical Recall:

  1. The two-column format allows easy navigation of the responses written on the right side of the page while the questions are written on the left.
  • The fast-fire reviews are of the greatest importance and are available for checking and improving the learned information at the end of each chapter.
  • 300 + high-resolution full-color illustrations that contribute greatly to a clear understanding of important topics.
  • The book also provides features such as operatory mnemonics, acronyms, clues, tests, tips, and guidance for keeping your skills secure and consolidating.

Table of Contents




Section I. Surgical Knowledge Description and context

Chapter 1. Introduction :

Operating notes

You ought to know common abbreviations

Surgical Conditions Glossary You should know

Chirurgical signs, triads, etc.

Chapter 2. Operational Syndromes

Chapter 3. Most popular surgical factors

Chapter 4. Cent ages of Surgery

Chapter 5. History of Surgery

Chapter 6. Surgical instruments

Chapter 7. Stitches and sutures

Chapter 8. Tying the Surgical Knot

Chapter 9. Surgical Center and Clinic treatments

Chapter 10. Cut-outs

Chapter 11. Surgical poses

Chapter 12. Voice on Surgery

Chapter 13. 101 Preoperative

Chapter 14. You should hear about surgery

Chapter 15. Waves

Chapter 16. Tubes and drains

Chapter 17. Pearls of Surgery Anatomy

Chapter 18. Electrolytes and fluids

Chapter 19. Products of blood and blood

Chapter 20. Hostasis Surgical

Chapter 21. Popular medicines for surgery

Chapter 22. Difficulty

Chapter 23. Emergencies common to guard

Chapter 24. Respiratory Surgery Treatment

Chapter 25. Surgery Diet Surgery

Chapter  26. Shock

Chapter  27. Surgical Infection

Chapter  28. Fever

Chapter  29. Surgical Prophylaxis

Chapter  30. Surgical Radiology

Chapter  31. Anesthesia               

Chapter  32. Surgical Ulcers        

Chapter  33. Surgical Oncology

Section II. Basics of Surgery

Chapter  34. Physiology and Hormones

Chapter  35. Acute Abdomen and Referred Pain

Chapter  36. Hernias

Chapter  37. Laparoscopy            

Chapter  38. Trauma      

Chapter  39. Burns

Chapter  40. Upper GI Bleeding

Chapter  41. The Stomach

Chapter  42. Bariatric Surgery

Chapter  43. Ostomies  

Chapter  44. Small Intestine       

Chapter  45. The Appendix

Chapter  46. Carcinoid Tumors  

Chapter  47.  Fistulas

Chapter  48. The Rectum and the Colon

Chapter  49. The Butt

Chapter  50. Lower GI Bleeding

Chapter  51. Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s

Section II. Disease

Chapter 52. Liver

Chapter 53. Hypertension of the Portal

Chapter 54. Tract of the Biliary

Chapter 55. The Pancreatic  system

Chapter 56. The Breast 

Chapter 57. Endocrine

Chapter 58. Thyroid Gland

Chapter 59. Parathyroid

Chapter 60. Spleen and Splenectomy

Chapter 61. Surgically Correctable HTN

Chapter 62. Soft Tissue Sarcomas and Lymphomas          

Chapter 63. Skin Lesions

Chapter 64. Melanoma 

Chapter 65. Surgical Intensive Care        

Chapter 66. Vascular Surgery

Section III. Surgery of Subspecialties

Chapter 67. Pediatric Surgery

Chapter 68. Plastic Surgery         

Chapter 69. Hand Surgery           

Chapter 70. Otolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery

Chapter 71. Thoracic Surgery

Chapter 72. Cardiovascular Surgery

Chapter 73. Transplant Surgery

Chapter 74. Orthopedic Surgery

Chapter 75. Neurosurgery

Chapter 76. Urology

Chapter 77. Ophthalmology       

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About the Author

Dr. Lorne Blackbourne MD has 30 years of medical experience as a critical care surgeon from Houston, TX. In 1990, he graduated from the School of Medicine at the University of Virginia. Be sure to make an appointment in advance with Dr. Blackbourne.


Surgical Recall is basically a very informative and educational textbook that provides excellent attention to detail on numerous topics.

We hope you found this brief overview helpful and we bid every medical student the best of luck in all his future examinations/ studies! And now, without further due, here is the link to Surgical Recall PDF:

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