Step Up to Medicine

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A brief over view of Step Up to Medicine 5th edition pdf

Step Up to Medicine 4th Edition was written by a group of medical students in the 3rd year because they were unable to find a detailed, credible source.

This included a large number of the pathology subjects students would possibly find in their internal medicine clerkship and NBME exams.

Step Up to Medicine PDF aims to be a “research tool” to relieve the burden and to help doctors save vast amounts of money on books.

Step Up to Medicine’s 4th edition underwent an important change which includes extensive revisions based on feedback received from its readers and a new Consultative Committee (composed of clinics, residents, and medical students) that worked hard to enrich the content.

The book now provides Clinical Pearls and QuickHits in the same high-end outline format. Also, you now have access to 100 news questions focusing on clinical conditions that are more popular amongst the students.

Key features of Step up to medicine

Here a few key features of Step Up to Medicine that encouraged over hundreds and thousands of people to download this book:

  • More than 200 examples of main issues in full color to help you gain a better understanding.
  • The entire book offers easy-to-read “clinical pearls” and high-yield internal medicine information.
  • New Consultative Board composed of medical students, residents, and respected experts who work tirelessly to develop the current document.
  • The topics that have recently been tested in the NBme examinations were covered by new chapters.

This book was formed by a group of medical students to help others around them and also to help future medical students.

Table of Contents

This book has a total of thirteen chapters. Each chapter explains a certain disorder in a complex system. Here is the full table of contents of Step Up to Medicine:

Chapter 1: Heart Disorder

Chapter 2: Lung Disorders

Chapter 3: Stomach and intestinal disorders

Chapter 4: Metabolic and endocrine disorders

Chapter 5: Central and Peripheral Nervous System Disorders

Chapter 6: Joint Tissue and Diseases

Chapter 7: Renal and genitourinary disorders

Chapter 8: Acid-base disorders, electrolytes, and fluids

Chapter 9: Neoplasm and hematological disease

Chapter 10: Diseases of infection

Chapter 11: Hypersensitivity and skin conditions

Chapter 12:  Ambulatory medicine

Chapter 13: Appendix

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