Review of Preventive and Social Medicine by Vivek Jain

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A brief overview of Review of Preventive and Social Medicine by Vivek Jain

The textbook includes the new editions of Park facts and principles. No brief summary of the subjects in this book is available as it is a small or one-line reference manual for quick review.

There are also main checkpoints on each side of the subject so that the reader can cover more subjects in less time. Section 1 has annexation, while Section 2 consists of different subjects related to preventive and social medicine. This book has been subdivided into two parts.

Key contents of this book

Each chapter starts with theory including topics and sub-topics covered by small clarification descriptions. Various questions with multiple choices are posed at the end of each chapter so that readers can measure their success themselves. In addition, examples are given for each approach to better grasp the concepts available in this book.


Table of contents

Review of Preventive and Social Medicine by Vivek Jain has a total of about 855 pages and 16 unique chapters to study from. Everything you need to know about medicine will be provided to you by this book! Do NOT take it for granted! Here is the table of content:

Chapter 1: Medical History

Chapter 2: Wellbeing and disease principles

Chapter 3: Vaccines and Epidemiology

Chapter 4: Disease screening

Chapter 5: communicable and transmittable diseases Chapter 5:

Chapter 6: Indian National Health Programs, Policies, and Laws

Chapter 7: Demography and contraception of the family

Chapter 8: Obstetrical prevention, pediatrics, and geriatrics

Chapter 9: Fitness and Diet

Chapter 10: Health and Social Sciences

Chapter 11: Health and the Atmosphere

Chapter 12: Biological waste control, occupational health, disaster management,

Chapter 13: Knowledge and Contact for Wellbeing

Chapter 14: Indian Health Care, Management and Planning

Chapter 15: International health International

Chapter 16: Biostatistics

About the Author

Dr. Vivek Jain graduates with the MBBS at MAMC, New Delhi, India. He completed his post-graduation with an M.D. (Community Medicine – PSM). Dr. Jain completed his residency with the University College of Medical Sciences.

For undergraduates and postgraduate students in India and abroad, Dr. Jain has written many books. All his books are accessible through all medical libraries and online portals in India as well as here on WOMS!

He is also an exceptional author of the book Review of Preventive and Social Medicine that has been quite a hit as many universities and colleges teach this book in the subject of Medicine.

Vivek has completely changed the way of learning medicine with his knowledge. He has made a name for himself as an Indian Dr. on an international scale.

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