Pocket Medicine 7th Edition PDF

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A brief overview of Pocket Medicine 7th Edition PDF

The field of medicine is continually advancing every day due to its extensive research and ongoing scientific discoveries. This has helped health professionals around the world to understand the nature of modern medicine and cure diseases that have long been incurable.

All this information is gathered by medical students, trainees, senior consultants, and physicians in textbooks.

However, if we are in a hurry to access this material, then it becomes a little difficult. It now looks like Pocket Medicine is coming to our rescue.

This book enables its reader’s immediate access, due to its limited scale, to accurate clinical knowledge and diagnostic solutions in internal medicine. Pocket Medicine 7th PDF is your unique place to obtain fast answers and effective patient care strategies or during hospital round and examinations performed by your professor.

This book of the Massachusetts General Hospital PDF was created and is attended by doctors and faculty working in the General Hospital, in Massachusetts, USA. This book provides great assistance in the diagnosis process, inpatient care, recovery plans, and in common health conditions.

About Author

Dr. Marc S. Sabatine is an author of pocket medicine pdf. Along with the chairman, he is also a cardiovascular specialist with a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical school.

Key features of Pocket Medicine 7th Edition PDF

Here are a few key features that are the key things people buy this book for:

  • The book provides useful information in the form of bulleted lists, tables, and algorithms that are successful in helping the reader to develop a detailed diagnosis and care plan while working in a hospital.
  • The 6th Pocket Medicine version provides up-to-date intra-medical material.
  • This book is small enough, as its name implies. It can be carried anywhere possible, and thus lightweight and easy to use.
  • CTs and normal/abnormal x-rays, echocardiograms, laboratory examinations, histopathological diagrams, and peripheral blood smears are high resolutions and complete color illustrations available in the book.
  • Very beneficial to round-the-clock medical residents and doctors who are short on time without access to relevant medical texts.
  • A standardized framework helps readers to ask their patients correct historical questions or clinical assessments to make the right decision and to establish a care plan that is patient-centered and financially beneficial.

Table of content

This book consists of a total of fifteen chapters that will teach you everything there is to know about internal medicine. Here is the table of contents for Pocket Medicine 7th Edition PDF:

  1. Heart disease
  2. Lung  
  3. Gastrointestinal science
  4. Endocrinological science
  5. Rheumatic disorder
  6. Neurological research
  7. consults
  8. appendix  
  9. Abbreviations
  10. Index
  11. photograph Inserts
  12. ACLS
  13. Nephrological science
  14. Hematology 
  15. Infectious Medicine

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Book Name:Pocket Medicine 7th Edition PDF
Author:Dr. Marc S. Sabatine
Edition7th Edition
File Type:PDF
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