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Looking at the title you must be wondering why to go for Orthopaedics Maheshwari when we have a great variety of Orthopaedics books available in the market. Yes, for sure, you are right. The medical books market is saturated with Orthopaedics books but you must prefer this one over the other. Let us make you understand through the facts why you should go for opting for OrthopaedicsMaheshwari. Here we go!

The latest and fifth edition of the Orthopaedics Maheshwari is available in the market by the name of ‘Essential Orthopaedics’. Dr Maheshwari has written and designed this book for trainee doctors and comparatively younger surgeons working in the field of Orthopaedic surgery. The special thing about this book is that it is meant for educating these doctors and practitioners in developing countries. This is such an important task to do!

The reason is that you will see many excellent Orthopaedics books on surgical and trauma treatment. Very experienced doctors have written them. Yet, the Orthopaedics issues of the developing countries are quite different from those occurring in America or Britain. Therefore, having OrthopaedicsMaheshwari is an essential requirement for Orthopaedics surgeons in developing countries.

That is why today we are here to share with you OrthopaedicsMaheshwari so that you can adapt it as your next Orthopaedics book. You will be truly benefitted from it. Are you wondering about some significant details of the OrthopaedicsMaheshwari? So, let us give you some valuable information regarding it. Please keep reading as we dive deeper into this book!

Why Should You Opt for Orthopaedics Maheshwari?

In this era of electronic education and the availability of piles of books, you are very right in questioning ‘why should I go for OrthopaedicsMaheshwari?’. That is why we devised this section to make things clear to you. You can easily understand this from the fact that you being a resident of a developing country are the audience of this book. All the knowledge given in this book possesses a strong relevance to your book.

Compiling such a book is indeed a challenging task. Because the author must have restricted the knowledge to the most important one. This is one of the excelling factors of the OrthopaedicsMaheshwari. It is completely relevant and easier to understand at the undergraduate level.

What’s more, this book is very easy to read and the text is presented in a presentable way. The interesting fact about OrthopaedicsMaheshwari is that a survey was conducted. Some of the highest achievers in MBBS were inquired about their views on this book. They responded in a very positive manner.

They expressed their desire to do some additional changes. As a result, the authors of the book go on to add a chapter dealing with Orthopaedics imaging. You will also be glad to learn that the lasts edition comes with a thorough updating of the knowledge and information. For example, different topics were added i.e. replacement of joints and arthroscopic surgery.

The Journey from 1990 to 2021

It is necessary to inform you about the rich history of OrthopaedicsMaheshwari. Students in the field of health sciences have been using this book for studying Orthopaedics since 1993. It was equally beneficial than with the useful and clear texts, which were easy to comprehend at the undergraduate level. Even at that time, other books available in Orthopaedics had problems in terms of catering to the audience.

By this, we mean that these books were not meeting the demands of the undergraduate MBBS students. Because some of the eminent authors from developed countries have authored these books. However, thanks to Dr Maheshwari for compiling a book for the targeted audience of developing countries.

At that time, the aim of the book was to help students in passing the postgraduate entrance examinations. However, now you will see this book being taught as a textbook in different medical colleges. If we compare the 2021’s scenario with 1990, we are glad to mention that now this book is a source of knowledge for the general practitioners as well. They can use it at an early stage of practising. If you are one of such general practitioners, you will find it extremely beneficial.

What has Orthopaedics Maheshwari in Store for You?

Are you looking for some of the salient features of the OrthopaedicsMaheshwari? Then relax and sit back and keep reading. We are here with the important features of this book to help you understand why this book deserves to be your next Orthopaedics book. They are as following:

Comprehensive Coverage

The latest and fifth edition of OrthopaedicsMaheshwari has included the first three chapters on the brief introductory context and anatomical aspect of the bones. Also, you will study the remediation of the different bones and fractures.

Splints & Tractions

The writers of the book have specially added chapter four for a comprehensive discussion on the splints and tractions. Also, the authors have included the neoteric progressions for remediating your patients if they have fractures or any kind of limb injury.

Management of Deformities

You will find a detailed discussion on the deformities and management of the bones and joints in different chapters. You can consult chapters eight, thirteen to twenty-one for further details.

Infectious Aspects of the Bones & Joints

You will be able to study the details of the different infections which can appear in the hands, or, bones, or joints of your patients. Also, you will be able to learn about tuberculosis arising in the bones and the joints.

Specific Information

The good news is that you will find many chapters with information on specific topics and clinical cases. For example, you can consult different chapters to study about following clinical cases:

  • Issues arising in the musculoskeletal system
  • Patients complaining about the back pain
  • Joint substitution surgery e.g. total elbow replacement, hemiarthroplasty, total shoulder replacement, total joint replacement, and also partial knee replacement
  • Amputations, arthroscopic surgery, prosthetics, or orthotics

Wrapping Up

With this section, we come to the end of the book description on OrthopaedicsMaheshwari. The description must have made you understand why this book is essential for you. Indeed you will be able to apply your theoretical knowledge in a practical sense after reading this book. Thanks to the authors who wrote it in an easy and concise manner. That is why you will be able to grip the concepts with little effort.

On the basis of the best features and our personal practice, we do recommend you selecting OrthopaedicsMaheshwari as your next Orthopaedics book. We hope you will find this book description beneficial for adopting this book for educating yourself. We will be glad to hear your thoughts in this regard. Therefore, you may spend few seconds sharing them with us in the comments sections. Thank you for your time!

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