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If you are a present MBBS student or a graduate then you must be well informed about Khurana Ophthalmology. Every medical student has Khurana Ophthalmology on their desk by the name of ‘The AK Khurana Comprehensive Ophthalmology. It is in the third year of the MBBS that you are taught about the fundamentals of ophthalmology. You can realize the significance of ophthalmology from the fact that it is a separate specialization field in health sciences.

Well, it needs to be so. Because it deals with the most important organ of your body i.e. eyes. If you have just stepped into the third year of MBBS, then you must be wondering about the basic details of Khurana Ophthalmology. If this is the case, then you don’t have to worry because we have got you. We have compiled this book description for you to have a better understanding of what’s inside Khurana Ophthalmology. So that you can easily adapt it to your textbook.

So without making you further wait for this wonderful book, let’s get started!

AK Khurana Ophthalmology

Brief Description

Are you searching for some solid reasons which could help you opt for Khurana Ophthalmology over other books in ophthalmology? Well, let us facilitate you in this regard. You should choose Khurana Ophthalmology in the pool of other books available because it is the best one. It has all the knowledge and information which you need to learn to excel in your exams.

To be more specific, Khurana Ophthalmology is having different sections on the anatomical, physiological, and disease aspects of the eyes. Also, you will find sections on practical ophthalmology. In addition to these sections of theory, you will find a detailed account of the different types of instruments and other surgical methods. You will be glad to hear that this section is presented in a very good and beautiful manner.

So, if you have Khurana Ophthalmology, then there are no worries about the exam. Just stick to it and it will help you to pass your theoretical and practical examinations with good grades. Well, you are lucky to have found such a good book which is a complete package inside one cover.

Significant Features

Now that you have learned about how valuable Khurana Ophthalmology is, you must be looking for some salient features of this book. So, now there are no worries because we have compiled this section to brief you in this regard. The salient features of Khurana Ophthalmology, 7th Edition are:

  • You will see that the authors did an appreciable job of revising and updating the seventh edition of Khurana Ophthalmology. They have added the most recent advancements in every section
  • As you open each chapter, you will come to know that each chapter supplies a brief overview. This overview highlights the topics the editors covered for you
  • You can do a quick revision of concepts from Khurana Ophthalmology because it uses different levels of headings and sub-headings. Also, you will get text in bold fonts and italics. Such presentation will ensure quicker and easier revision
  • You will love the number of diagrams, images of clinical cases in addition to vivid and vibrant details
  • Also, important surgical techniques are covered employing the operation steps. This has been done in several chapters
  • Tabular and flowcharts are added for showing important information
  • It is worthy of mentioning that the authors have done an extensive revision of the chapter based on community ophthalmology. The change was done by taking into consideration the vision of 2020. This is a National Programme for Controlling of Blindness and Visual Impairment in India
  • Another important feature of Khurana Ophthalmology is that it will help you in your self-assessment through multiple-choice questions (MCQs). You may use Review of Ophthalmology for this purpose. Review of Ophthalmology is the companion book to your Khurana Ophthalmology book

Effective Studying Tips

As a student, you must always be looking for tips and tricks which could help you in the effective memorization of the concepts. Well, you are not alone in this because each student is looking up to such tricks and shortcuts. Based on experience and expertise, we want to give you few suggestions to learn things effectively. For developing a deeper understanding of the concepts in Khurana Ophthalmology, you can follow these steps:

Reading All the Stuff

You must read each and everything from your Khurana Ophthalmology. Even if you don’t feel like reading all the things. This is important because you will be able to grip all the things in your mind and the possibility is that you will be able to memorize few important things in the long term.

Practical Approach

Yes, the theory is important. Yet you need to pay more attention to the disease of the eyes. Also, be very careful in reading the practical tests. For example, you must be very clear to use Snellen Chart. Because in practical life, the assessment of the vision of your patient will be the fundamental and fulfilled activity.

Correlate in a Rational Manner

In the case of Khurana Ophthalmology and other courses in the health sciences, you must have the habit of co-relating the general circumstances of the patients with the bookish knowledge. Only then you will be able to do better in an exam and also in practical life.

Understanding Clinical Methods

Though the authors of Khurana Ophthalmology did a commendable job of writing an easier and comprehensive book. Yet if you have issues in the comprehension of the concepts you can study the clinical methods two to three times. Then your mind will be clarified and you will be able to grasp things more quickly. Well, thanks to the authors. They made the complicated concepts very easy for your understanding.

Summarizing Khurana Ophthalmology

As an MBBS student, you would always love to go for books that are easier to understand. Also, you must be preferring books which are easier to memorize. When we talk about ophthalmology, it is one of the most important courses taught in medical colleges. So, now you don’t have to go and search for other books because Khurana Ophthalmology is here to provide you with a complete package of knowledge.

The information provided in this book is based on the clarification of the theoretical concepts. Also, there are various chapters including clinical procedures. In short, we must say that sticking to Khurana Ophthalmology will make you gain good grades in your ophthalmology exam.

Book Name:Comprehensive Ophthalmology
Author:A.K Khurana
File Size:78.74 MB

Therefore, you must go for opting this book. You can purchase the hard copy from different stores. Also, you may grab your copy of Khurana Ophthalmology from different online stores. Good luck with your ophthalmology exam with Khurana Ophthalmology!

We will be glad to know about your views on Khurana Ophthalmology. So please do share your thoughts and comments with us in the feedback section. Thank You!

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